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Deutsch für Reisende

Select a category of words and phrases:

(Bahasa Indonesia = Deutsch)

Kata-Kata Dasar = Grundlegende Wörter
Bilangan = Zahlen
Belanja/Makan = Einkaufen/Essen
Perjalanan = Reise
Penunjuk Arah = Richtungen
Tempat = Orte
Waktu dan Tanggal = Zeiten und Daten

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And see our Internet Handbook of German Grammar

German is officially spoken in:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

travlang's German-English on-line Dictionary, a mirror of the LEO German<->English dictionary, is available:
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Business German: Taught exclusively in German, this class focuses on German for the businessperson. Required reading includes the business section of a German newspaper. You will also learn to write a typical German business letter.

German I: This class will focus on written German, however, there will be spoken exercises to be done without instructor supervision. Homework will be given. Students will learn to introduce themselves, ask basic questions, place orders in a restaurant and other basic German sentences and requests.

Also see our Dutch->German, French->German, Spanish->German, Italian->German, Afrikaans->German, Latin->German on-line translating dictionaries! Others on the web include: Langenscheidt's German<->English and German<->Spanish Dictionary, and German Grammar. Other places on the web teaching German: The Mining Co's German Language, German for Beginners, and German Language Page.

You can learn German in Germany from a number of German Language Schools, from schools listed at the International Association of Language Centres, and the Treffpunkt school in Bamberg. And a list of schools in Austria is at Campus Austria, or try the ActiLingua Acadamy in Vienna.

For more information about Germany, see The German Way, the Webfoot's Guide to Germany, Southern Germany for Visitors, City.Net Germany, and Germany Today. For WWW sites in Germany, see the Karte Deutscher WWW-Server and Deutschsprachige WWW-Angebote.

For more information about Austria, see the Webfoot's Guide to Austria and City.Net Austria.

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