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Danube Tower – An Excellent Collaboration of Skilled Architecture

In the world of towers from the various parts of the world, Eiffel Tower and Europe Tower has stolen away the lime light from the last few years. They have been the major

Danube Tower

attraction for the tourists from all across the world because of their out standing frame work and stunning armature. Today very few people are familiar with the famous Danube Tower which is located in the Vienna city of Austria. This tower has been the representative landmark of Austria from the last many years. It is one of the most well preserved landmarks of Austria and it is also an emblem of improved architecture in Austria.

The great Danube Tower lies in between the old Danube and Florisdorf. It is exactly placed at the centre of the Vienna city. The tower was designed up by Professor Hannes Lintl in 1962. It took about 25 months for the completion of this exotic landmark and it was inaugurated by the Australian President Adolf Scarf in 1964. This 40 years old gigantic tower of Australia is 252 meters high and it is 50 meters higher than the famous and the most popular Millennium Tower. The foundation for this great tower was laid on 12th October, 1962. The tower was opened up for the general public on 25th November, 1964.

In 2001, Professor HANNES Lintl was awarded with the Austrian cross of Honor for Sciences and Arts. The famous Danube Tower was recognized as the world heritage by UNESCO in the year 2001. The main purpose of the construction of this tower was to provide an eye catching landmark to the grand Vienna city so that the tourists from all over the world can be attracted here. The Danube Tower was built for the Horticultural Show of the Vienna city which is very much famous for its natural landscapes and desires.

The great Danube Tower is the 19th highest tower in the world and this great tower belongs to the World Federation of Great Towers (WFGT). The gigantic Danube Tower provides a sparkling view of the grand Vienna city which is completely comprised up with the natural and magnificent landscapes. The tower is enhanced with the three observation decks among which the first observation deck is located at a height of 150 meters. Tourists can easily reach there with the help of lifts in the time span of 35 seconds and enjoy the amazing and panoramic view of the Vienna city.

You can really have a great time out there in the lapse of nature. Make sure that you do not miss an interesting visit to this marvelous landmark of Vienna.