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Dubai Shopping Festival – A Trade Fair With Enthralling Events

The Dubai Shopping Festival or simply known as the DSP is nicknamed as “Layali Dubai”. This festival was started foe the first time in the year 1996.  It is a festival cum trade fair where the government aims to promote the trade. Since it has begun it has gained

Dubai shopping Mall

immense popularity and is held every year. It also organized for the promotion of tourism and culture.

It is a very interesting festival lasting for about a month but the memories are life long. As being the trend setter for promoting trade one can get all the branded products but at cheap rates. Because it became a success many of the branded companies have joined hands with the government to promote their products through this festival.

The Dubai festival is planned in a very large area so that they can organize different things for the visitors and the tourist who especially come to attend the festival. Therefore one of the famous attractions is the Global Village. It is a place where the people come to display the art and the culture of their own country. This provides the means to know about the cultures of different countries.

Another very spotted place for shopping is the Carpet Oasis. The local residents and the visitors both can avail the unique carpets that are from different places. It is really fascinating to see everything at one place. Nothing could be better than getting all the amazing things at one place.

Apart from the shopping there are many other exciting activities that can be done. It includes the sparkling fireworks, dazzling lights, music shows and also a few fashion shows are organized. It also has live performances of some of the well renowned artist of the Arabia. Recently the shopping festival has started The International Jazz Festival in 2003.

This festival usually begins in the month of January and ends in February. Thus the visitors have a lot of time to enjoy themselves. The festival has marked the growth in the various sectors whether it is tourism, hotels or retail sector. They have benefited a lot therefore every year something different is brought so that they are able to attract as many tourist they can.

Therefore the festival has the perfect blend of both the entertainment and the business. At one time when the trading sector is increasing and on the other hand it also an enjoyable experience for the people. So don’t miss this experience. I am very sure you’ll delighted after you visit it.