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Jumeirah Mosque – A Landmark Of Modern Stone Architecture

The Jumeirah Mosque is a stone structure that is built to reflect the modern Islamic art. The architecture is based on the Fatimid tradition and is considered the most scared in

Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai. The mosque is located in the Jumeirah region and is open to all the people. There are no restrictions for the tourist as well as the local residents. It throws an insight about the cultures and the traditions followed by the Islam’s.

Viewing the entire Dubai from the mosque gives quite an impressive one. The elegance that is depicted is great to be seen. As soon as you enter you will experience the style in everything that you see. It is a great combination of both the modern and the traditional art. Owing to the perfect blend it is the most sacred of all the buildings.  Adjacent to the mosque is the Jumeirah beach.

It is 24 hours open except Fridays as it is an important day for prayers and therefore no tours are organized on that day. On Fridays all the Muslims collect themselves in the mosque to perform their rituals. But only men’s are allowed while involve in prayers at home.  The Mihrah or the Quibla is located just at the center and is the holy place inside the mosque. All their prayers are done in the direction where Mecca lies.

As it the biggest mosque of Dubai, it is the only one that accepts people from all religions and gives them equal warmth and love.  The best way to explore this place is through the tours that re planned every day. Therefore according to the choice the tourist can go for these tours. The guides will brief you about the historical background and the religious beliefs. The tours are done only on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays.  So these tours will help you to know about all the minute details that you want to know about the mosque.

There are certain rules that are to be followed before entering the mosque. All the females must keep their faces covered as well as the men’s. The Men’s are advised to wear proper dress. They are not allowed to wear shoes inside the mosque as they perform prayers inside it. The tour will take about an hour to completely view the entire mosque.

So in all it is a great attraction reflecting the modem architecture and breathtaking views. You will be amazed by the beauty and the charm that this mosque holds.