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The Lakes Of Killarney – Great Scenic Attractions

Traveling can really be a fun filled experience for your family and friends, so if you are planning a summer vacation this year, try to select a place with scenic attractions and natural beauty.  One such location that you can consider is Ireland which is the land of natural beauty and splendor. The Lakes of Killarney are the reservoirs of natural beauty and charm and they are located in Killarney, County Kerry, in Ireland.

The Lakes of Killarney mainly contains three lakes which are:

  1. Muckross Lake or the middle lake.
  2. Lough Leane.
  3. Upper Lake.

The lakes occupy the whole valley which stretches between the majestic mountains. Coming to this attractive location would surely be an awe-inspiring moment for you. The surrounding mountains and all the three lakes are included within the Killarney National Park. The lower lake and middle lake of this system are separated by the enchanting wooded peninsula of Muckross. The lower lake is very near to the town and it contains various appealing islands and it also includes the Ross Castle and the Muckross Abbey on the eastern shore.

Lough Leane
This is the largest lake of the system and the River Laune drains the water of this lake into Dingle Bay moving north towards Killorglin. This lake covers an area of nearly 8 square

Lough Leane

miles and it is very near to the town that is why people can really explore the area according to their convenience. The islands which are located here are mostly inhabited. If you want to explore the surrounding areas then you can take the help of the regular boat trips which are organized from Innisfallen Island to Ross Castle.

Muckross Lake
Muckross Lake is also known as the Middle lake and here you can find the Muckross House and the Muckross Abbey on its eastern shore. If you are visiting this place then you must

Muckross Lake

also see the Torc Waterfall which is only one mile away from the shore. The middle lake provides you excellent opportunities for fishing and swimming.

Upper Lake
The Upper Lake is the last lake of this system which is nearly two third in size of the

Upper Lake

Muckross Lake. This crystal clear lake lies in the valley of Sandstone Mountains. From the upper side of this lake you can see the famous Ladies’ View.

If you really want to experience the true Irish culture and exotic beauty then you must surely visit these three lakes.