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Rattoo Round Tower – Enjoy The Lovely Countryside

The Rattoo Round Tower is the well – conserved structure of Ireland. It is one amongst the thirteen undamaged loom that still hold their existence on the land of Ireland. Once there were four structures of this type in Kerry, Ireland. But today the Rattoo Round Tower is

Rattoo Round Tower

the last that exists on the land as a complete round tower. It was erected in the 12th century by the Augustinians on the spot of the monastery founded by the St Lugach. He was a devoted saint of Ss. Peter and Paul.

The round – headed entrance way of this loom of Kerry is located in 2.83 m above the ground level. It is at the elevation of 1.6 m. It is prepared from up of a semi – circular archway of three stones decked with a simple wavy logo in relief. The central segment above central branch measures around twenty centimeters on the whole. Expanding from the bottom of each corkscrew, there is a plain bed molding. This molding twists around the archway for 44 cm and then ends on the either side in the curly spirals. The two spirals elongate on the same direction, clockwise on the left and anti – clockwise on the right. This pattern of the structure imparts uniqueness to the Rattoo Round Tower.

Standing erect on the elevation of 28 meters, it is not as high as the other round towers but still it is one of the best on the land of Ireland. The Rattoo Round Tower has more than five storeys and has a windowpane on each storey. The boulder used to prepare this The Rattoo Round Tower was Quartzes sandstone. Stones from that were transformed into the walls that are surrounding the Rattoo Round Tower. The loftiness of the Rattoo Round Tower suggests that it was made so high, so that this tower can be acknowledged from a distance by all its travelers and the pilgrims.

The foundation of the Rattoo Round Tower is 15 meters in its fringe. The diameter of the tower is around 5 meters. The peak storey of the loom has a stance window that faces the basic points. In the early period of the monastery the window of the topmost storey had a hand – bell. This hand – bell was removed from the spot and replaced with a Silver bell of a sweet tone. The Rattoo Round Tower has a round – headed entrance way with an architrave around it! In the year 1880 the conical cap was refurbished and fitted with a lightening conductor.

A visit to this place of Ireland is really delightful and highly mesmerizing! I am sure that you are going to enjoy it.