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The Archaeological Museum of Delos – Come Closer To The History Of Greece

The Delos Museum was build by the year 1904 by an archeological society in the city of the Athens. It originally comprised of the five western rooms. It was elongated in the year 1931 and 1972. In the same period the exterior segment of the building underwent a great change. These alterations done on the structure were quite adverse and ruined the edifice. The exhibition is presently arranged in the nine rooms. Six rooms contain a collection of

Archaeological Museum of Delos

statues and the relief found in the Delos. It is one of the best collections in the world. The two rooms comprise of the pottery that ranges from the Prehistoric to the late Hellenistic period. The last one accommodates the objects that are related to our daily life.

The museum has a notable collection of the funerary statues. It also contains the grave stale that ranges from the 7th to the 1st century BC. The olden ceramic work in this museum ranges from the 25th to the 1st century BC. The clay figurines and the jewelry and the mosaic preserved in the museum are as old as the work of 2nd and 1st century BC. The marble statue of the Apollo depicts the image of the God that inclines on a tree and the tramping package of the Gallic shields. It is believed to be as old as the 2nd century BC.

A bearded bust camouflage of the Dionysus that depicts the God wearing a crown and an ivy garland. It dates as long as the sculpture of Apollo. There is a set of a lion statue that is original and reproduced by those who dwelled in the exterior site of the Delos. There is a Corinthian Alabastron; this is a small oil container. The artistic depiction of the statue of the Lady of the Beast and the Protestors of hunting, among the two swans is the charm of this museum. It was explored that the Heraion along with the comparable Corinthian vases, this dates as long as the ending years of the 7th century.

The Delos Archeological museum has an archaic statue of the woman. This statue of the museum dates as long as the 580 BC. The statue depicts the youthful woman, dressed in the tight robes. There is a priceless wall painting hung on the exterior wall of the museum in the Skardana Quarter. It depicts Heracles, two boxers and a man playing a flute.

It is a perfect place for the history bugs. You will certainly love to visit this spot in Greece.