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The Cliffs Of Moher – The Most Outstanding Coastal Features

The Cliffs Of Moher are situated at the extreme south of the village Dolin in the Co Clare Ireland. They soar over 700 feet and stretch to the south for nearly five miles to the Hags Head. The Cliffs of Moher are the top most tourist attractions in Ireland. The cliffs threaten the western coast of the Country’s Clare. They are around 214 meters in the elevation at

Cliffs Of Moher

their highest point. They range for nearly eight kilometers over the Atlantic Ocean. The O’Brien’s Tower is positioned on the headland of these regal cliffs. You can take a glance at the Aram Islands, the Twelve Bens, Galway Bay, Mama Turk Mountains and the Loop Head at the South.

You will acknowledge the forces of the unconcealed and rampart ocean, this is a time to revere its supremacy and keep an aloofness from its edge! The precipice chiefly comprises of the bed of shales and sandstone. The oldest rock is found at the bottom of these precipices. You can view the aged river channels that cut of the base of the cliffs! The wildlife of this area is quite diverse. Mostly it comprises of the birds. You will come across 29 species of the birds. The birds of this area include the Atlantic Puffins, Hawks, Gulls, Guillemots, Shags, Ravens and Choughs.

Unbothered since a long period the panorama of the area of Cliffs of Moher, welcomes the visitors of this place. The perfect and the ideal location of the crag has attracted over a million of visitors of Ireland. The Atlantic Edge is the exhilarating and recreational spot for the people of all age! The enormous vaulted grotto is present in the subversive edifice. This cavern comprises the images which are glee by the juvenile and the aged visitors. The Ferry trip permits the tourists to take a view of the Cliffs of Moher from the sea level.

Guests can enter the cliff via access ramp that provides the entry to the central floor of this place. This is organized into the four chief themed areas that explore the elements of the magnificent cliffs: Rock, Ocean, Nature and Man. A tour of this place by the air is permitted by the Clare Journey. The trip is continued by a winding burrow that reminds us of several caverns of the area. The central part of the cliffs has several restaurants, cafes, gift shops, units of the craft workers and lodges.

So when you come to visit the country make a stopover at the Cliffs of Moher. You will surely enjoy your vacation at this spot.