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Enjoy The Thrilling Experience Of The Night Safari In Singapore

The night safari is the first night zoo of the world that has been visited by almost ten millions visitors every year. It is one of the most exciting, thrilling and joyful experience which the tourist can have.  If you want to make your trip an incredible experience then the night safari can be the perfect option.  So let us discover some of the highlighting

Night Safaris Zoo

features of the night safari.

Being an entertaining attraction for the tourist you will come across several things that will excite you.  There are about 1200 animals with over 100 different species.  The entire zoo is divided in to eight different zones each depicting particular special characteristics. These are designed in such a way that each zone represents a specific region of the world.

The best thing that the visitors can do is to relax and take a walk around the whole zoo. But the adventure is yet to be discovered as the night safari can be full of rocking experiences. Many a times this zoo has been has bagged several awards for the spectacular and fascinating views.

The family can enjoy a lot with their kids and other members. So whenever you visit the zoo do not miss the chance of hiring a safari for it.  You will see different species of nocturnal animals from a closer view. Lots of animals can be seen here as they are brought from different parts of the world.  Apart from visiting the zoo the tourist can also enjoy the delicious dinner at the most popular restaurant Ulu Ulu Safari restaurant.

The zoo is spread in a large are of about 40 hectares together with the Singapore zoo as well. The dark jungle and the horrifying sounds of the animals will definitely leave you in terror. Even the open trains are also available for the ride and vesting the zoo.  From the train you can watch out for a reservoir and the natural green environment. The bog trees give a dark appearance to the zoo. But during the night the zoo is full of dazzling lights that add to the beauty of the place.

The zoo is opened from evening to the midnight and the fares are just reasonable. The tickets can be easily bought from the entrance and it is opened only from evening.  Even the parking charges have to be paid if you are bringing a vehicle here. But in all it is an experience full of excitement.

Thus the night safari is a journey that you will never forget and you will always want to visit it again and again.