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The Natural Wonders in Malaysia to Add to Your Vacation Bucket List

Are you looking for an Asian vacation full of natural beauty? Perhaps you’re a bit over Thailand, the most popular destination, and you want something a little different. We have the perfect place for you: Malaysia.

There are natural wonders in Malaysia that rival any in the world. Whether water or trees are your pleasure, you will find a place to love in Malaysia.

There are so many beautiful destinations in Malaysia that we decided to narrow them down to help you craft your perfection vacation itinerary. All of the places in this guide belong on your vacation bucket list, but even if you can only hit one or two, you will leave happy.

Read on to begin your love affair with Malaysia.

Natural Wonders in Malaysia You Do Not Want to Miss

With this list, we tried to be as expansive in our tastes as possible, giving you a taste of the country while catering to the preferences of all types of outdoor explorers. As we said, there are too many beautiful locales to name in just one article about Malaysia, so this is just a glimpse of all the country has to offer.

What a beautiful glimpse it is. See for yourself.


The island of Sipadan is made of living coral that sits on the top of an extinct volcano. It offers scuba diving, where you can see creatures ranging from turtles to schools of barracuda.

Sipadan’s ecosystem is so precious that visitors are not even allowed to stay there overnight. It is worth the trip, however brief!


As far as Malaysian islands go, Langkawi is a bit more robust than Sipadan. You can stay there as long as you can stand the pristine white beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, and a plethora of water sports activities. As you tour Langkawi, make sure you take advantage of the snorkeling, parasailing, and sightseeing that is available in spades.

If all of the nature in Langkawi were not enough to attract you, the island has also been duty-free since 1987, which makes nightlife fun and inexpensive.

Mulu Cave National Park

Let’s go underground. That is the promise of the Mulu Cave National Park in Sarawak. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has many different caves to explore, including the largest passage (Deer Cave) and largest underground chamber (Sarawak Chamber) in the world.

If you love fauna, make sure to catch the bat exodus from the Deer Cave.

Pantai Kerachut

On the way to Pantai Kerachut, through the Penang National Park, is a meromictic lake. What is a meromictic lake, and why is it worth the trip just to see it?

A meromictic lake is one in which salt water and fresh water coexist but do not mix entirely. There are fewer than 40 meromictic lakes in the world, so we recommend this site is as rare as it is beautiful.

Taman Negara National Park

This destination is for the forest lovers. The tropical rainforests in Taman Negara National Park are more than 130 million years old, so visiting is like going back in time through the history of Earth.

There is wildlife galore in Taman Negara, as well as gigantic, pungent flowers and racing river rapids. Everything you want from a forest you will find here.

Malaysia Is Waiting

We hope you have enjoyed this taste of the natural wonders in Malaysia. These and other destinations are ripe for the exploring, and we can help you book a trip that includes as many of them as you are able to see.

Happy travels and continue reading our blog for more insights.