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How to Camp: 5 Essential Tips for Your First Foray Into the Great Outdoors


Did you know the first s’mores recipe appeared in a 1927 Girl Scouts manual?

S’mores have become a well-known treat for campers everywhere! If you’re an outdoors lover, chances are you’ve probably dreamed of making s’mores around a campfire.

Camping gives people a wonderful opportunity to become one with nature and enjoy all the beauty our world has to offer (along with eating some s’mores, of course).

If you’ve never set up base in the wilderness and want to learn how to camp, check out our 5 simple tips below to get you started on your first expedition!

1. Packing Up: Camping Essentials

When you’re making the trek into the great unknown, you want to prepare for any situation that arises.

It’s good to make sure you have the absolute necessities first, and Mark Wilcox at Camping Forge outlines the basic camping gear every camper should bring along. Obviously a tent is a necessity, and it makes it onto his list of must-have camping supplies!

You will also want to bring things like toilet paper and paper towels, especially if you’re camping in an area where bathrooms won’t be available. Bring some trash bags too! There’s nothing more frustrating than campers who leave their trash at a campsite—have some respect for Mother Earth!

2. Dressing Appropriately

When choosing your camping wardrobe, ditch your Sunday best.

Camping can get a little dirty, so clothes that can take a bit of a beating are better. You’ll also want to pack things that can keep you warm. Even during the warmer seasons, nighttime can get pretty chilly!

Boots or sneakers are a good footwear choice, especially if you’re planning on doing some hiking. If you are going to take a dip in a lake or pond, bring some sandals along too!

3. How to Camp: Choosing the Perfect Location

You will have a much better time camping for the first time if you feel comfortable and safe at your camping location. Choose a camping location that best suits your activity preferences, be that swimming, hiking, or simply lounging around in the great outdoors!

When choosing a camping location, decide whether you’d rather stay in a designated campsite or stray off a bit farther into the wilderness. Be mindful that designated campsites usually draw more bears and critter than other locations because they know there will be food there!

4. Expect the Unexpected

If you’re still learning how to camp, know that it’s a good idea to prepare for unexpected situations. This means you’ll want to have some first aid supplies handy, in case anyone takes a fall or comes down with a fever.

It’s also wise to know how to start a fire. If you get lost on a hike on a chilly night without any matches, you’ll want to keep warm somehow.

5. Keep Your Belly Happy: What Food to Bring

Meal-prepping before your camping trip is always a wise idea, but you can also just plan on packing some substantial grab-and-go items (think protein bars) and shelf stable goods, such as canned soup.

Meals that can be made in a single pot are ideal because they require less clean up. Pack a little extra of the basics, but don’t waste space on luxuries and unnecessary snacks.

Bring distilled water with you, or a water filter that you can run boiled water through.

Enjoy Your Trip

Camping is a unique experience that you will fall in love with! There’s a reason families and friends spend weekend after weekend in RV’s and pitched tents every spring.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a bit more insight on how to camp, and you can get started on your own camping journey!

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