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Discover American History With a Touring Holiday This Summer Discover American History With a Touring Holiday This Summer published on Travlang Online

For a relatively young country, America has one of the world's most colourful histories. The best way to truly experience this amazing country, is, of course, to place your feet on its soil - Hollywood films and visits to museums barely scratch the surface.

To truly appreciate and make the most of the massive cultural and historical treasures of the USA, you need to embark on a touring holiday. After you've browsed through some of the holidays in the USA with Trailfinders, browse through this article to get a good idea of where to visit and get your history fix.

Washington, D.C.

The city of Washington, D.C. is the hub of American political life. The White House, Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court and the countless monuments and memorials that have been erected there over the decades, make this place a natural first port of call for American history buffs.

The government isn't the only thing that D.C. has to offer. While you're in town, make the most of the plethora of museums, most of which are free of charge. Also, If you've come all the way there, there's no sense in missing out on the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial. When you're done filling your head with history, take advantage of D.C.'s amazing restaurant scene. Be warned though – its eateries are exceedingly popular and it's quite hard to walk into even the lesser-known restaurants, so make sure you make reservations.

New Orleans

The home of jazz and blues.In sultry New Orleans, you'll never tire of the gorgeous French-inspired architecture and the weight of history that hangs like a creeper vine on every square inch of this mystical city. Just about everything from the mouth-watering Creole cuisine to the earthy and sensual atmosphere of the bars and the streets, will fill you with never-ending wonder.

To get started, visit the French Quarter to experience the cream of the city's colonial heritage. But your visit doesn't have to be structured at all: a walk down any street in any neighbourhood in New Orleans will be chock full of strange and delightful sights.


Boston's history is as rich as any in America. In this famous Massachusetts city, you can visit America's first public library, first subway and public park. You can also visit Castle Island, where Fort Independence has stood since 1634.

If you want a real history tour, all you have to do is follow the famous Freedom Trail, a red brick path that will take you across King's Chapel and its burying ground, the Old State House, the site of the Boston Massacre, the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution, among several other sites along the way.

Trailfinders offer flydrive holidays, which might well be the best option for you if you're making your way from one city to another on this huge beast of a country.

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