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Handy tips for online ESL teachers to give their students Handy tips for online ESL teachers to give their students published on Travlang Online

With the world becoming increasingly more globalised, more and more people from non-English speaking countries are seeking language classes in English. This is due to the fact that English is spoken in many countries, and being proficient in it makes both business and leisure trips abroad much easier. As such, the industry for online ESL (English Second Language) teachers has boomed. If you yourself are an ESL teacher, you may find yourself sometimes not knowing what advice to give to your students to help them better improve their English outside of your lessons. We have created a list of handy tips for online ESL teachers to give to their students. These are all tips to help your students bring more English into their everyday lives in a fun and integrative manner.

Do online activities in English
Where ever possible, encourage your students to do everything online in English. Have them change their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts’ language from their native language to English. Suggest that they play online games where the instructions and navigation is in English, such as playing online casino games. You can sign up and claim your free welcome offer at Euro Palace online casino. By introducing English into everyday activities like checking your Facebook, or fun activities like playing online casino games –you integrate English into their lives in an organic way that is associated with fun activities.

Watch English TV shows
When learning another language, finding a TV show in that language is a valuable tool to help you increase your vocabulary in a fun way. It also students learn implicitly and they will make fewer errors of concord as a result. Short, comedic shows that use simple English like Friends, How I Met Your Mother and others, are good recommendations. If the student is advanced enough they should refrain from using subtitles in their home language as this can slow down the learning process.

Listen to English music
Music is another way in which your students can bring more English into their everyday lives. Music is such a vibrant and fun way to learn English. The fact that your students will already probably know some of the more famous singers like Justin Bieber and Beyoncé. Due to the fact that music is universal, students will be able to relate to it and singing along to catchy pop songs is a good way to help straighten out pronunciation issues.

Find an English speaking pen-pal
Through websites such as Interpals you can make friends through language exchange. Your students can find a native English speaker with whom they can talk, while the other person learns a foreign language from your student. This will give your students more experience in communicating with native speakers other than yourself. This is good as it will expose them to different accents. It also allows for practice in authentic conversation. This will help with your students’ overall confidence levels too.

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