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learn a new language "Always wanted to learn a new language? No better time to start" published on Travlang Online

Ah, the new year. Another chance to do it all again and what better way to better yourself than to learn a new language! There's never been a better time to start. You can do it! We believe in you!

New techniques and methods have made learning a language a decidedly different business to that stuffy, frustrating experiences you might remember from your school days. Learning languages has become a relatively easy and enjoyable thing to do on your commute or as you exercise, or get ready for work. Listen and learn. Dedicate yourself and you will be conversing in no time.

Think of the professional opportunities that would open up to you if you could speak another language. Think of basking in the newfound respect of your colleagues as you casually save a meeting by switching languages. English speaking businesses often underestimate the importance of being able to communicate effectively in other languages.

Picture a whole new world of culture and history, one you never imagined, becoming comprehensible to you. Picture new concepts and whole new ways of thinking becoming yours to command and apply; yourself as a richer, fuller human being.

As that illustrious linguist Ludwig Wittgenstein said, "The limits of my language are the limits of my universe."

"Oh sure", you say as your chums watch open-mouthed while you chat up a foreign person, "You mean to say you only speak the one language, how very English of you".

Imagine the increase in your suaveness at the bar. Imagine how you will exude charm and worldliness, while you kindly direct a lost cluster of tourists onward, pausing only as the sexy one slips their number into your pocket.

Maybe you could learn a language with a friend to allow you to communicate secretly. Imagine, the next time you get busted by the cops and you have to tell each other to keep shctum without looking suspicious, why you simply slip into Mandarin. While you are there perhaps you could let loose a few jibes about the tubby sergeant, it is entirely up to you but certainly an option.

Maybe you are thinking of emigrating and you fancy being able to converse and eventually befriend the locals. English is not the most widely spoken language out there, it’s not even close. The world gets smaller ever day, closer and more accessible. There's a whole melting pot waiting to be discovered and languages are your ticket in.

There are savings and deals to be had in your local area up and down the country. Groupon deals in Edinburgh, deals in Glasgow. If you live in Ireland you are statistically likely to speak more than one language anyway, but why not make it three or four. There are great Dublin and Belfast deals to be had.

No matter where you are in the country or the world make learning a new language your goal this year and you will be forever improved.

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