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Learning based holiday ideas for 2012 "Learning based holiday ideas for 2012" published on Travlang Online

For some, a holiday means a week lounging in the sun, doing as little as possible - the most strenuous activity being a walk from the sun lounger to the pool. However, some of us quickly tire of doing nothing and like to spend our holidays keeping active or learning new skills. There are lots of learning based holidays available, which will keep your body and mind active throughout your break.

Skiing Holidays
If you're the sporty type, then you have a variety of options to choose from. Now is the perfect time to get a terrific deal on a skiing holiday, and if you don't mind where you go you can pick up an excellent last minute deal. You're never too old to start skiing and will find lessons for all abilities available both privately and in larger groups. These are a marvellous way of meeting new people, keeping active, and the breathtaking scenery will bowl you over. Skiing takes years of practice to truly master, but even if you're an experienced skier you can still learn something new, with a tutor or guide who will take you off the beaten track to find some stunning off piste skiing. There is lots of information available on all resorts so make sure you pick a resort that is suitable for your skill level.

Golfing Holidays
If you'd rather chase the sun during these cold winter months then a golfing holiday may be more up your street. You don't have to go far either - the Algarve has some of the best golfing resorts in the world and it is only a 2 hour plane journey. A dedicated golfing break is a great way to sort out your swing and improve your putting, as most resorts will offer coaching for a few hours or all of your stay. Make sure you get the appropriate golf clothing as well, it can be warm in the daytime but get quite chilly at night. Online golf has some excellent prices on all the equipment that you'll need.

Skills-based Holidays
If you'd rather work your mind than your body on your holiday then maybe a photography break would be better. A decent photography course will have something for everybody, providing inspiration and the best spots for enthusiasts whilst bringing out the talent in beginners that they never knew they had. With this type of holiday, it is best to decide on your location first, before finding a course in your chosen destination.

Language-based Holidays
A holiday is also a perfect time to learn a new language, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in local culture. Many companies provide specialist courses to take whilst you're away that will help give that little extra boost so you truly get to grips with it. A holiday gives you the chance to practice your lessons as ordinary things like buying groceries can lead to conversations that will thoroughly test you. Insist that people speak to you in their first language, as many will see you as a chance to practice their English!

Whatever you choose to do, your holiday doesn't need to be spent twiddling your thumbs sitting around the pool. There are lots of great learning holidays available, ensuring you never need to be bored - and you might pick up a new skill in the process!

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