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Holidaying in Phuket Holidaying in Phuket

Phuket is a Far East Thai island consisting of several beaches. Each beach has its own characteristics, varying in wildlife, scenery, tranquillity and nightlife. The climate is generally hot and humid throughout the year with the average temperature ranging between 24 and 32 centigrade. April to May and September to October are the hottest periods. There is a trend that rain may occur during the afternoons mainly between September and October. The island has a stable economic climate which has been long established from its trade of tin in the sixteenth century and more recently its continual growth due to tourism and the property market. Phuket is the wealthiest province of Thailand.

The North East of the island at Phang Nga bay provides stunning views of limestone cliffs amongst the clear water. It is also a famous landmark for the James Bond film `The Man with the Golden Gun`. Within the town you`ll find Chinese and Buddhist influences. The Phuket population is diverse mainly comprising of the Thai people but also inhabiting Chinese, Malay, Muslims, Buddhists and the `sea gypsies`.

The island is surrounded by the Andaman sea, therefore it is the perfect location for a variety of watersports and leisure pursuits including diving, canoeing, snorkelling yachting and jet skiing, angling and much more. There are even yellow submarines which take tourists undersea so that marine life could be looked at further. The submarines are appropriate and fun for children and are also equipped with LCD screens.

Although the majority of eating venues serve Thai food there are a variety of restaurants available on the island due to the increase of foreigners that relocate. Traditional Thai cuisine comprises of fresh vegetables, rice, spicy coconut curries, fish and sweet sauces.

The cost of living in Phuket is generally much cheaper than living in the West. Currently the pound to baht ratio is 1:50. Rent can range from £60-140 a month for a room, depending on furnishings and location. For a nice comfortable home you could pay up to £500 and for a luxury place on the ocean between £1200-1600. The majority of Thai`s eat three meals a day at a total of £2.40. To live comfortably as a single person you would approximately require £700; this includes healthcare insurance, communication, transport, clothing, outings, food and housing.

Phuket is considered a luxury holiday destination as it has the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. There are several smaller islands surrounding which can also be visited and are secluded enough for a private picnic. As Phuket has become an increasingly popular holiday destination more luxury spa hotels have been constructed. These hotels provide popular traditional Thai massage and cuisine. Phuket provides enough variety of holidays to keep everyone happy. There are quiet beaches for those who would like to relax and also activities such as Thai boxing for those who enjoy activities or keeping fit. The nightlife provides cabaret shows, bars, clubs and discos. During the day there is also a variety of shops and markets selling fresh local produce aswell as antiques, handicrafts, jewellery, tailored suits and everything else you`d expect at a fraction of the price we`d pay back at home.

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