Hawai‘i Ólelo Hopuna.

Hawaiian Pronunciation.

p, k, h,
l, m, n
same as in English.
w 1) after i and e like V
2) after o and u like W
3) after a and initially like either W or V
GLOTTAL STOP  similar to stop in English OH-OH

a like in above
e like in bet
i like in city
o like in sole
u like in moon
a, á like in far
é like in play
i, í like in see
ó like in bowl
ú like moon

ei, eu, oi, ou, ai, ae, ao, au
these are always stressed on the first letter, but the two are not as closely joined as in English.

This page was compiled by Tim Króll

This pronunciation guide was taken from the New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary, by Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert.

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