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Vatican Museums – Rediscover The History

Traveling abroad is a great fun for all of us. People enjoy exploring historical places and monuments along with their family members. There are a large

Vatican Museum

number of tourist attractions worldwide. You can visit any one of these along with your kids. Such historical places are really a great fun for the entire family. So, if you are planning a trip abroad then you must read this article carefully. Further in this article we are going to talk about Vatican Museums in detail. They are certainly a great place for you to explore.

Before delving further in to the topic, let us have some brief knowledge regarding the history of these Vatican Museums. Vatican museums are located ideally in Vatican City, Rome. They are certainly a great part of

Sculpted Sphere in Courtyard of Vatican Museum

historical architecture as they feature some exhilarating pieces of art built by the people of Roman Catholic Church. These museums have impeccable design and architecture. A large number of tourists visit this place every year. I must tell you that a large part of the revenue in Vatican City comes from tourism.

This is a must visit place for you if you love to explore the mystery of historical monuments. This place provides you some great knowledge regarding the history of Vatican City and its inhabitants. The museum is open for six days a week. You can visit the museum for a very nominal fee or ticket. It wouldn’t cost you much. There are quite a lot of ways to reach this wonderful destination. You can reach here by air planes, trains, metro trains, bus, or even a taxi.

Leonardo Da Vinci Airport is located in close proximity to these museums. I would like to bring this to your knowledge that several accommodation options are available for you in this city. Though, this city is quite small but it has some of the most luxurious hotels. These ecstatic hotels offer you complete luxury stay in Vatican City. And, the best thing about them is that they are located nearby the Vatican Museums. Now, given below are some of the great hotels located nearby these wonderful museums.

1. Hotel Angel
If you want to experience a luxury stay here and that too on pretty economical terms then this is the right place for you to stay. This hotel offers you a number of double and triple rooms.

2. Best Western Spring House
This 3 star hotel accommodation is located in close proximity to the Vatican Museums. This makes it an excellent option for you to pursue. The hospitality of the hotel staff is simply amazing.

So, these are some of the essential things to note regarding Vatican Museums in Rome. You must consider reading this article if you are planning a visit here.