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Sydney Harbor Bridge – Exquisite Travel Attraction In Australia

Holidays are always great fun for us. We all love to visit places that are really admired worldwide. Such places offer a great deal of charm to its visitors. Now, we are going to talk about a great vacation attraction named, Sydney Harbor Bridge. It is certainly one of the

Harbour Bridge

most admired attractions in Australia. People from surrounding areas visit Sydney just to gaze at the beauty of Sydney Harbor Bridge. So, if you are looking for some information regarding this bridge then you must go through this article carefully.

The total length of this bridge is about 1,150 meters. It is basically, steel through arch Bridge which is constructed across the famous Sydney Harbor. This bridge was officially opened in the year 1932. This establishment offers you some great picturesque views of the Sydney Harbor. You would be simply amazed to know that each day around 200,000 cars and vehicles pass this bridge. This bridge is certainly a great name in the league of tourist attractions.

This is certainly the best place to be in if you are residing in Sydney. Reaching this bridge is quite easy. It is located in close proximity to various hot attractions of this city. One of the best features of this bridge is the climb. If you want enjoy the Climb with Bridge Climb on this establishment. You can enjoy three types of climbs here. These three climbs are: The express climb, the bridge climb, and the discovery climb. Now, let us talk about them in detail.

1. The Express climb
Well, it is the latest climbing escapade that was evolved in October last year and is the quickest method to the top of this great bridge. I can assure you one thing that this is breathtaking experience for all the new climbers.

2. The discovery climb
This climb was launched in the year 2006. It would simply take you to the heart of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It will take around 3 and a half hour to climb the heart of this bridge. You would simply enjoy this experience.

3. The Bridge climb
This is a breathtaking journey to the top of this mind boggling bridge. I can assure you once you reach the top of this bridge you would experience a great deal of contentment.

So, this was all about Sydney Harbor Bridge in detail. Check out this article once. Have fun!