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Dover Castle – A Castle Full of Mysteries and Secrets

United Kingdom is very famous among the tourists from all across the world because of its ancient and prehistoric castles. The country is densely colonized with primordial castles which are the major attraction for the tourists. Most of the tourists from all across the

Dover Castle

world visit these castles during their vacations in order to explore some thing new. The castles of the United Kingdom are comprised up with many of the unrevealed secrets and mysteries which mostly attract a large number of tourists from all across the world. Further in this article, we are going to discuss about the famous and primeval Dover Castle which has been the major tourist attractions from the last few years.

Dover Castle is located in the South Eastern part of England. It is exactly placed at the centre of the Dover Castle at the Southern Eastern tip of the British Isles. This British landmark is lies very close to the major continent of Europe that is France. This huge castle was build up in the 12th century on the Dover’s Cliff which is believed to be one of the highest cliffs of England. A series of underground castle which was dogged up in the earlier times before the construction of the castle lies beneath the castle. The castle proved out to be the military fort for many years. The castle acted as a security guard for the town and the local residents from the outside invaders. It looked after the Dover’s town for many decades till the starting of the Second World War.

This gigantic castle proved out to be a better military base during both the world wars. The castle also ensured the safety of the Britishers during their traditional wars with the France and other European countries. The sheer faces of the castle which was eroded with the chalk rock provided a natural defense for the Britishers against the outside invaders.

The castle also passed through the make over in 2009 in order to make it a better tourist attraction of England. Refortification of the castle took place during the Napoleonic Wars between England and France. The primordial and war time under ground tunnels were widened and extended so that the tourists can easily walk through these tunnels and have a look at the war hospital which is located underneath the castle.

Modern Dover Castle is really an interesting place for you to visit during your vacations. You will surely enjoy exploring the unrevealed mysteries that are hidden behind the thick walls of these forts.