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Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts – An Historical Monument Of Canada

The Montreal museum of fine arts is the museum located in Quebec in Canada. As it was founded in the year 1860 therefore it is the oldest museum of Canada.  The museum is

Monteral Museum

under Bizol Group and is the largest one in Canada. It is located on the Golden Square Mile. The main motto behind the museum is spread peace and love all over the world. Therefore it is based on this theme.

The museum is mostly famous for organizing different kinds of exhibitions that display about 150artifacts there. They may include the historical arts, cultural portrays and music also.  All the exhibitions have a common theme of peace. One can see many works of art which signify the theme of peace. The John and Yoko Sell peace is the most marvelous piece to be displayed.

The Montreal museum has about eighty paintings that are exclusive and unique. They are the collections of the paintings of the artist from different parts of the world including England, Canada and Australia. Most of these works have been very much appreciated by the visitors and the local people.
It is designed in a traditional style and you will get an insight of the architecture of the medieval times. The themes of the paintings are based on contemporary, classis and spiritual based. It also contains the poems of famous poets like John Keats and plays of William Shakespeare.  It was during this period that Both the British and the French paintings were spontaneously influencing the people.

This art museum has attracted lots of visitors to watch the traditional art forms of Canada and other places too. There is a large collection including the Canadian art, Roman and Greek art, art from the renaissance period and many more unique collections.

Apart from displaying the arts and the paintings activities like art and craft are also organized for the people to participate in it. This is usually done on Sundays when the whole family is free from work. Inside the museum there is a library which is not opened now.  It is not opened for the visitors but if the researchers want they can use the books for reference purposes. There are more than 18000 files of the Canadian art and about 200 videos.

Therefore Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is an attraction that can take you more close to history and the historical facts. So if you are a lover of historical buildings then you must visit this one to capture and discover some new facts. So have fun during your holidays.