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Castle Howard – A Stately Home In Yorkshire

Castle Howard is situated in England. It is at the distance of 15 miles to the north of the city York. This is one of the grandest and the private residence in the entire Britain. This castle was erected in the period between 1699 and 1712. This fortress was designed by the famous architect of the olden days, Sir John Vanbrugh. It is not truly a fortress. It will be

Castle Howard

quite better if we call it a country house. This is because this fortress was not intended for the military purposes and functions.

Castle Howard has served as the home for the Howard Family for more than a period of 300 years. Today this fortress has become a part of the Treasure Houses of England heritage group. Castle Howard has a beautiful and diverse garden. This is the most prescribed and prohibited backyard in the entire structure of the castle which is located in the rear part of the castle. The country house is notably situated in the ridge of the area and was exploited to create the English Panorama Park. It opens in the formal garden and finally merges with the park.

The two foremost garden edifices of the castle are erected in the gorgeous panorama. The temple of The Four Winds is situated at the closing stages of the garden. There is a lake on both the sides of the house. The garden well – known as the Ray wood is a beautiful part of this castle. The Ray wood garden is famous for its roses and highly elegant flowers. Further the edifices outside the preserved garden include the ruined pyramid which is facing reconstruction these days.

A pillar erected by John Vanbrugh which is known as the Quatre Faces is located near to the Rose Wood Garden. The planting in this area of the castle began in early 1970’s. The panorama of this garden is more open as compared to the landscape of the panorama of the Rose Wood. The planting in this garden began with the intention of creating the most vital collection of the floral world in the United Kingdom. But still the planting in this garden is quite immature. The Quatre Face garden of the Howard Castle is the only link that exists between Castle Howard and the Kew Gardens. This garden was opened for the public in the year 1999. The castle was scalded twice but luckily it has been reinstated.

The visit to this castle of Yorkshire will be definitely enjoyed. Have a great time in the Howard Castle.