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Jin Mao Tower – A Giant Structure to Enthrall You

Well if you are wishing to spend some great moments in the midst of some exotic man made structures, then you must read this article once. I am going to discuss about the famous Jin Mao Tower which is one of the spectacular man made structures of the world.

Jin Mao Tower

The great Jin Mao Tower is one of the most famous tourist attractions for the tourists of Shanghai. This skyscraper is mostly visited by most of the visitors of China. This grand skyscraper is located in the Pudong district of Shanghai.

Until the year 2007, the Jin Mao Tower was the fifth largest tower in the world with respect to the height of its roof and with respect to the pinnacle height of this tower; it was placed in the seventh position. This tower lies at the centre of the grand Pudong District and it admirably touches the Pudong skyline.

The incomparable height of this tower was suppressed by the construction of the World Financial Center, Shanghai on 14th September, 2007.  The famous Jin Mao Tower is comprised with 88 stories where as the Shanghai Tower is well enhanced with 128 stories and it is still under construction.

The grand Jin Mao Tower of Shanghai encloses a large area of about 24000 meter square. More than 530 US dollars have been invested in the construction of this gigantic skyscraper. The exotic and spectacular armature of this tower has been designed by the Chicago Office of Skidmore. This grand foundation of Shanghai is constructed over the high capacity steel pipes. These steel pipes have been inserted 83.5 meters deep into the ground.

In the earlier times, long steel piles were used for the construction of various land based buildings. A 1 meter thick slurry wall surrounds the basement of this grand skyscraper. The pretty strong basement of this tower is composed with 20500 cubic meter of concrete. The exterior section of this tower is comprised with aluminum, granite, stainless steel and glass.

The Jin Mao Tower is well enhanced with 3 grand entrances which lead to the lobby, the office section of this building and the royal hotel. A 6 storey high podium is also sited at the base of this tower. In addition to this, the tower also contains various banquets, restaurants, royal hotels and shopping malls. The 3rd storey of this monument is enhanced with a food court and elevators that lead to the observation deck.

Well these are some of the basic aspects related to the Jin Mao Tower. I am sure that you will have a great time during your visit to this man made structure.