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Bamburgh Castle – Known For Its Majestic And Magnificent Splendor

The Bamburgh castle of England is situated on the Bamburgh coast.  The castle is a well known master piece of the medieval times. The Bamburgh castle is a perfect spot where the visitors can enjoy the beauty and the historical past of this great monument. Most of the tourist that visits it is overwhelmed with the gorgeous beauty of the palace.

Bamburgh Castle England

The castle is situated about six miles from the Dunstanburgh castle and about ten miles from the Lindisfame castle. As the castle is situated on the outskirts of the country it is free from the hustle and bustle of city. But despite it, it is visited by lots of visitors every year. The entire atmosphere around the castle is pleasant and soothing.

There are lots of attractions to explore when you visit the palace.  The very first thing to discover is the beauty that is the main characteristic of the building. The visitors really love the architecture and the art with which it is built. It has a perfect combination of the modern as well as the ancient art. One will not be left behind admiring the beauty.
Another important thing is the historical background of the castle. The castle is a very old monument of England. A long time back it was a school that was operated by the Jews but now that room has been converted in to a museum.  There are several collections of the 18th and the 19th century.  These include the art forms, paintings, furniture etc.

The museum also contains many collections that are rare and exclusively found in Bamburgh castle. One will see the brilliant works that throw an insight on the historical significance which they hold. At the entrance of the castle you will come across the grand and spacious rooms that are renowned for their amazing collections that are found here. All these rooms signify the lavish life that was led by the Kings and the Queen.

The interiors of all the rooms are done with fascinating art and carvings. The rock cut paintings really adorn the beauty of the castle. For the visitors special tours are also organized with the help of which you can enjoy the real excitement of the castle. It is open from morning to evening and no fee is charged for visiting the palace.

Thus visiting the Bamburgh castle can be really an exciting experience that you would never like to forget. So what are you waiting for, quickly head towards England and enjoy your holidays.