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Make A Antique Trip At The Sacred Temples Of Abydos

Abydos is the holy place for the common dwellers of Egypt. It is a prime burial ground for the kings of the late antediluvian proto – kingdom. The edifice has the settlement area in the northern Abydos that dates back to the Pre – dynastic time. The recent excavators have found the Old Kingdom at the residential area of the South East. This extreme of the edifice contains the streets of the mud brick homes that have the quad and the faience workshops with the kilns.

Abydos Temple

The earliest time has been the evidence to the fact that the place has served as the centre for the cult culture. The tradition that has developed at the Early Dynastic burial ground was a burial for the place of Osiris and the tomb of the Djer. It was reinterpreted as that of the Osiris.

The decoration of the tomb displays the right and recorded trip to the most prevalent journeys of the pilgrims that are prepared by the people who were swollen with pride for having the ability to make the vital tour. The regal necropolises of the ancient dynasty are placed at the mile in the Great Desert Plain.  The place is now recognized as the Ummel – Qa’ab. You can take the note of the ancient burial which is around 10 x 20 feet inn the depth. A pit is lined with the walls that are prepared from the bricks. It was originally roofed with the timber and matting.

You will also come across other burial sites that have the dimensions of 15 x 25 feet. They are fixed before the Menes. The most possible tomb of the Menes is latter size. But recently the dimensions and the space occupied by these tombs have increased. The restoration of these tombs has led to the complexity in the interior structure of these crypts. The pit of the last resting place is enclosed by the chambers that hold the offerings. The sculptures at this burial spot are wooden chambers in the middle of brick lined pits.

The rows of the tiny trenches and the tombs that were constructed for the servants at the pharaoh enclose the regal chambers and a score of the burial sites that are the vital feature at this temple. The people offer the sacrifices of beasts at this place of worship. The asses that are present in the tom dos Meredith are the main animals that are sacrificed at the spot.

It is the idle place to visit and I am confident that you will love to explore the hidden mysteries at the spot.