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Pay A Sacred Visit At Abu Simbel And Notice The Religion At Its Best

Possibly the Abu Simbel is the great tourist spot for the visitors after the Pyramids of Giza. It presents the most familiar imagery of the traditional Egypt. The shrine is also called as the “Temple of Ramses, beloved of Amun”. This gigantic and enormous edifice of the prime shrine is subjugated by the four seated colossal statuette of Ramses II. The thrones at the site are ornamented by the on the sides with the Nile Gods. They represent the unity of the local citizens of Egypt.

Abu Simbel

A primordial earthquake hit this region and damaged around a wide assortment of the statues. One of them was knocked down from the wasted ruins.

Sandwiched between the legs of the shrine, you will come across a number of statues that portray the members of the regal family of this country. Make a visit at this corner of the shrine and I am sure that you will feel as if you are suffering a close interaction with the royal family.

The statue of the complete family is fixed at the first northern colossus. This site includes the statue of Queen Nefretari, princess Beketmut, prince Riamesses at the front and many more. Under these huge sculptures you can take a note of the engraved figures of bond captives. The frontcourt and the terrace of this shrine are embraced of two tanks. They serve as the ablution for the priests and monks at the spot. At the northern part of this temple you can take a perseverance of the tiny sun chapel and the southern part of this temple you can take a note of the chapel that represents the God Thoth. On the top of the entrance, there is a splendid and antique figurine of the falcon – headed sun god Ra.

The rebus figurine of Ra embraces the prename of Ramses II. The topmost part portico shrine is a row of the baboon statues in the loving attitudes. It is believed that they welcome the growing sun. There is a stela at the southern part of the external terrace. This is recognized as the “Marriage Stela” by the common people. It is a carbon copy of the record of the diplomatic victories of Ramses II. In the interior of the temple there is a series of chambers that is increasingly smaller as compared to the floors of these rooms.

I am sure that you will have a fun time at this temple and before you are leaving the spot you will have a great acquaintance about the past of this country.