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Miami Fishing Spots Perfect for Views and Big Catches

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Miami?

Is it the sandy beaches, sizzling nightlife, or the rich Art Deco architecture in the streets?

Well, there’s much more than that!

Miami fishing is one of the most exciting activities in Florida for both experienced anglers and fun seekers. But, you need to find the perfect spots to make your memorable catch; so as not to you go back without anything to show for your Miami trip.

Fortunately, here are the best fishing spots in Miami for your next big catch:

1. BlackPoint Marina

BlackPoint Marina is one of the best-known fishing spots in Miami due to its close proximity to Biscayne National Park.

Apart from the surrounding wildlife and teeming vegetation, lies saltwater fish species beneath the aggressive waves of the Atlantic Ocean. You can also catch common snooks, bonefish, and gigantic tarpons.

Once you’re done fishing, kick back and relax with a couple of cold drinks to beat off the heat at one of the dockside restaurants and grills.

2. DumbFoundling Bay

You may think that the residential noise from the condos and luxury apartments around this bay makes it a no-fish zone. But not really!

Dumbfoundling Bay is home to big black drum fish, jack crevalle, and tarpons, especially in during springtime. You can easily catch drum fish weighing over 30 pounds in the shallow waters around the flats as well as in the deep channels inside the inlets.

During summertime, the big fishes move further away into the deep waters to find crustaceans which make up a huge percentage of their diet.

3. Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park has a constant supply of mullet, snappers, and snooks, thanks to the tides of Biscayne Bay.

If sailing into the deep waters isn’t an option for you, you can try your luck fishing under the bridge located past the tollgate.

4. Featherbed Bank

For the best family vacation fishing experience, Featherbed Bank is the ideal place to go.

For a thrilling fishing experience, you’ll have to visit this area during in the late spring or early fall when you can catch large, strong permit fish. It’s recommended that you use live or dead pieces of crab since they make up the diet of permit fishes.

If you’re not in for a tug of war, you can try fishing in the offshore and shallow flats. The fish there are less aggressive. Sites like will also help you decide on the perfect fishing spot for all experience levels.

5. Rickenbacker Causeway

Located along the Biscayne area, Rickenbacker Causeway is a popular fishing spot in Miami for those looking for simple fishing fun with reels.

Right after the first bridge, there’s a parking lot where you can park your car and cast your reels on the bay side. Early mornings is the most ideal time to fish for barracuda and bonefish as well as catch a glimpse of friendly dolphins.

There You Go, the Best Miami Fishing Spots

Miami fishing is an exciting experience for family fishing vacations and commercial fishing. Be sure to visit the outlined spots above for the best fishing experience in Miami.

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