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How to Grow Your Travel Blog with Travel Graphics


The first thing you’re expecting to see from a travel blog online is the pictures.

Pictures from everywhere, of interesting sights, tourist areas, picturesque landscapes, and golden sunsets.

Many travel bloggers just simply upload their favorite photos that go with the article and leave it at that. But they are missing a trick by not creating awesome travel graphics.

In this post, we are going to look at everything you need to know to grow your travel blog with travel graphics. We will show you exactly how to use them in your articles.

Why Do Travel Graphics Matter?

Of course, those picturesque landscapes are important to your blog. But so are travel graphics. You can even add graphics to those pictures.

Travel graphics can boost the number of images you have on your blog, eliminating the need for thousands of photos.

They also give you a different option for posts, like travel hacks, packing tips or first trip advice. Images play an important role in SEO and they can give your site a boost.

Travel graphics allow you to create new content. Think of cool infographics or checklists that your readers may love, but you haven’t had a chance to incorporate yet.

With travel graphics, you can create features images. You can also use these graphics to create a theme and develop brand consistency. This helps people recognize your posts, no matter where they appear on the internet.

3 Ways to Use Travel Graphics For Blogs

1. Overlay Graphics onto Photographs

Many bloggers face issues with stolen photographs and other stolen work. Protect your image and create brand awareness by adding a watermark or logo onto your photos so they can’t be stolen and redistributed without your company on them.

2. Infographics

Infographics are a great tool to provide quick and easy access to important information. On a travel blog, think of using infographics to create your perfect packing list. This will keep your blog content diverse and drive up your SEO.

Be sure to include your logo and branding in the infographic.

3. Text on Photos

For featured photos, and anything that you really want to stand out, place text onto the photo. Features posts are great to drive traffic to your other platforms.

Tips and Tricks for Travel Graphics

Graphics can become hard to read, or confusing if there is too much text or too many things going on in the one image. Keep it simple so your audience knows exactly what you’re trying to convey to them.

Use a design app to create easy templates to help with your brand consistency. This will give you more creditability and your readers will know what to expect from each post.

Get Designing Today!

Everyone loves to see those landscape shots of city skylines, and using travel graphics can elevate those images on your blog.

Always create a consistent look and feel to your blog posts.

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