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Foy’s Lake Amusement Park – A Perfect Recreational Spot For The Vacationers

The Foy’s lake is the only man made lake in Chittagong in Bangladesh. It was dug in the year 1924 and given the name after the well known Railway engineer, Foy. The place has

Foys Lake Park

an amusement park which is supervised by the Concord Group. The lake is adjacent to the Batali Hills, the loftiest hill in the Chittagong metropolitan area.

The adventure park on this lake has the Bumper Boats, Bumper Cars and the Family Roller Coaster. This theme park has some a giant Ferris wheel on its dry slide, Carousel, a play ground for kids and a family train. The paradise valley of this Amusement Park has the Paddle Boats, Floating Water Play, Speed Boats and the Big Boats to entertain its visitors. The boat rides of this water theme park provide all its visitors with a thrilling and exotic experience.

The pleasant and calm sights of the panorama, delicious foodstuff at the nearby hotels, recitals at the floating arena, scenic strolling trails and various fun filled activities compel the tourists of this city to visit the spot. The prime attraction of this park is the landscapes and the beauty of the nature that encloses it. The exquisiteness of the surrounding hills and the beauty of the Foy’s lake can not be explained in the words. The park occupies the central position of the area and provides the vacationers with a calm, serene and peaceful holiday. It serves as the host to innumerable picnics and other corporate events. The dolphins and the Sea – animal Photo Corner of this park is the most eye-catching feature that magnetizes all its visitors. The Observation tower has a bird’s eye view on the entire region.

The Foy’s Beach Amusement Park has a motel and two snack kiosks that are positioned near the Children’s playground. The resort at this amusement park offers you with a cozy and soothing accommodation. You can take the complete pleasure of the natural beauty of the Foy’s Lake. This is open all year round with some encompassing panoramas, historical marvels and the gorgeous view of the country. It has a great package for the people of all ages.

The sea world of the water theme park is complete package of the splash pools, water coaster rides. It is enclosed with the pictorial beauty of the Foy’s Lake.

I am sure that you will have a complete fun time at this Theme Park of Chittagong. The rides and the beautiful panoramas will make your visit more exhilarating!

Cox’s Bazar Beach – Enthrall Yourself with the Exotic Natural Gorgeousness

Holidays are approaching near and every one is looking out for a perfect vacation spot where they can easily spend some beautiful and memorable moments with their family members and relatives. Most of the people love to spend their holidays in the lapse of

Coxs Bazar Beach

natural splendor so that they can easily enjoy the outstanding beauty and calmness of nature. People love to avail themselves with mental peace and relaxation during their vacations.

There are a number of natural holiday destinations which are located in different parts of the world and a large number of tourists from all across the world visit these attractive destinations every year. Well if you are also looking out for a perfect natural attraction which is well enhanced with several exotic features, then you must read this article once.

On my last holidays, I visited the grand Coxs Bazar Beach with my family members and I really had a lot of fun in this beach. This grand beach is really composed up with a large number of mind blowing and unique features. Today, the grand Coxs Bazar Beach is one of the major attractions for the tourist of Bangladesh.

The grand Coxs Bazar Beach is a long sandy beachside that extends from the Bakhali River to the Teknaf. This grand beach of Bangladesh stretches far beyond the Coxs Bazar Town. This grand beach is the major tourist spot and it is mainly visited by the tourists of America, India, Nepal, Korea, Japan and many more countries through out the world. This grand beach is also the longest beaches of the world.

A large number of private hotels are also located in the beach area. You can easily stay with your relatives and family members in these hotels at a reasonable price. This beach is also well enhanced with various sports and recreational facilities which is the major attraction among the tourists. Beach volleyball, Surfing, marathon and many more recreational facilities are available at this beach side. Local hotels which are sited near the Coxs Bazar Beach offer many beach side accessories to the visitors. You can also hire umbrellas and other useful accessories from the nearby shops.

The sand of the Coxs Bazar is very rich in minerals like garnet, hornblende, magnetite, pyrite and retile. This grand beach contains more than 20.5 million tones of raw sand which is well composed with 4.4 million tones of heavy materials and minerals.

These are some of the basic facts related to the grand Coxs Bazar Beach of Bangladesh. Make sure that you do not miss this natural vacation spot during your holidays.