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Visit The Skagen Museum For Impressive Collections

The Skagen museum is located in Denmark and is designed with the paintings of the famous painter Skagen. Even the museum is named after him. The museum is very popular because the painter was well renowned and known for its exclusive work all over the globe. The paintings are really an eye catching feature with a touch of Denmark culture and traditions.


Though it has been dedicated to Skagen but there is a collection of the other painters too.  The Skagen museum was established in the year 1908. But in the year 1926 it was again renovated and finally it was opened for the public in the year 1928. Since then it has always been opened but a few years ago an exhibition room has been removed from it.

But with the advent of times something new is always added at regular intervals to make it more attractive for the visitors. The later changes were made by the architect Jacob Blegvad. Though the appearance of the museum has remained the same but it has become more appealing for the visitors. Till date they are around 1800 collections of paintings by Skagen.

The museum pays a tribute to all the great painters of the ancient times. Apart from the collection of Skagen you will get to see some other paintings that throw a light on the traditional background of Denmark. Most of them depict the rich culture that this place holds.  Some of the works also include the Danish paintings and the ones related to the social life of the people.  In general the visitors can get to see the entire country under a single roof.

As a cultural place exhibitions and concerts are organized which get the love and admiration of the people? Even the visitors and the tourist love to attend then as they are entertaining and full of life. The exhibitions that are organized depict the paintings of the local artist which are auctioned and then the money is used for charity. Therefore lots of people attend it and contribute in whichever way they can. Also it helps in imparting education to the kids who get to know about a new country.

If you do not know how to explore the Skagen museum then you can avail for the tours that will tell you each and every minute detail. You will get to know the detailed history and you can enjoy each and every moment. But whenever you plan your visit you need to inquire about the opening time as the timings change according to the seasons.

So have a thrilling and enjoyable visit to the Skagen Museum.

Keldby Church – An Architectural Edifice Symbolizing Devotion

The Keldby Church is situated in Denmark. It lies on the road to the Keldby near the Mens Klint. It is one of the important places that are regarded as very sacred. It is the oldest building of Denmark and very popular among the visitors. Many intentional visitors search the Expedia website to find affordable flights to Denmark. The architecture is the main attraction which the tourist wants to see and admire. It is very well known for the frescoes.

Keldby Church

The church is built with the red stone brick and is fully decorated and adorned with the frescoes.  These were designed by the architect Elmelunde Master in the 15th century. The style in which they are designed is known as the Biblia Pamperun style. The frescoes that are found here are very old and date back to 1225. Apart from these the small stories are also available that includes the testaments.

The frescoes or more commonly known as the wall paintings of the church are the highlighting feature of the church. The entire plaster is covered with the different paintings that give an elegant look to the church. Thus the walls are decorated with beautiful paintings that are eye catching and adorable. The carved out sculptures are also very attractive.
All the paintings that are found here are from the middle age which includes the roman style, gothic style and the Danish style. Though there are number of churches in Denmark but this one is remarkably the best.  The frescoes have made it very popular because no other church exhibits such paintings thus making it exclusively known for it.

Every evening prayer is done together with songs sung by the small children just after the prayers. A choir is organized by the church which aims at educating the children and also makes them understand their responsibility. The choir is a group of people who sing devotional songs for Jesus Christ.  Thus lots of local residents come during the evenings to attend the prayers.

Reaching the Keldby church is not at all difficult because Keldby is well connected through the modern transport system. Therefore the visitors can get various modes that are available here.  The best thing is that no fee is charged from the visitors and they can visit it at any time. It is open all the day for everyone to offer prayers and services.

The Keldby Church is a must visiting attraction as it offers a lot to its visitors.  Therefore plan you trip and make a splendid visit to this beautiful church.

Nyborg Castle – A Historical Landmark Of Denmark

The Nyborg castle is located in the Nyborg city of Denmark. This castle is mainly situated on the coast of the island.  It is a very ancient monument that holds significance about the culture and the traditions that were followed during that period. It is the royal building

Nyborg Castle

that is grand as well as splendid. The castle is still preserved as one of the belongings of Denmark.

The palace was established in the 12th century which consists of a tower that is known as the Knud’s Tower. It is made up of the Redstone brick. These are rectangular in shape having two storey building. These small towers are built on all the four corners of the castle. They are like the guards that are used for guarding the castle. The ground floor is used for meetings while the next one for their personal use.

The Nyborg castle is mainly a meeting hall where the King meets all the reputed people and discusses all the matters. But after the 15th century the King Hans added a new floor to the castle and since then he is been living there all the year round. After that the castle was damaged but then it was rebuild in the Renaissance style. The design was based on the modern architecture and a common entrance was made for the castle.

After it have been rebuild it has become more beautiful and a lavish home for the King. The visitors who visit the castle are spell bound with its beauty and the architecture that is done on it. Later on it was open for public in the year 1925. Sometimes exhibitions are also held for the visitors so that they see the lavish life that is led by the King. Also the stones, jewels and artifacts of those times are displayed. The tourist has lots of things to enjoy.

The castle is extensively a marvelous piece of work that holds great importance in history. For the people who wish to know more about this castle can hire a guide who will tell you more about the historical background that the palace has. Even the minute details of the building can be explored easily. The walls and the interiors are well furnished which gives a magnificent look to the castle.  The castle is the oldest building which has a small café and a museum too. Both are open only from April to October while the other times it remains closed.

So if you are also interested in knowing what is so special about the Nyborg Castle then you will have to visit it once to have this amazing experience.

Aalborg Zoo – A Fun And Recreation Center For Kids

Aalborg Zoo as the name indicates is located in the Aalborg city of Denmark. It is considered to be one of the most wonderful areas. The zoo is the integral part of the Aalborg Park and it is visited by thousands of visitors every year. The main aim of creating the zoo

Aalborg Zoo

was to preserve the nature and the animal species that are threaten and can extinct.

The zoo is a very large one that is spread in an area of nine acres consisting of about 1200 animals and 138 species. Though the zoo is run by the government but still there is a fee charged for visiting the zoo. When this zoo was created it was the first ever zoo in the world that got ISO certification from the environmental and the safety management. Outside the zoo there’s a parking lot which can accommodate about 500 vehicles.

Apart from the different kinds of animals the zoo is very popular for the giraffes. Though there are less giraffe in the zoo but is the most attracting feature for the tourists. There are about eight species of the Rothschild giraffe while the twelve of them are wild. It is really a fascinating experience to watch them because they are rarely found in zoo.

The zoo consists of green forest which is spread in several acres of land.  The green environment helps in providing fresh air to the animals and also to the visitors. There are tall trees in the zoo which gives an amazing look to it. The backgrounds are like the beautiful backdrops that serve both as beauty feature and also as a source or recreation. Thus one can enjoy the nature’s beauty here along with the wildlife.

Also you can spend some time in the zoo roaming around and watching the activities of the animals.  The trip to the Aalborg zoo can be completed in about four to five hours. Inside the zoo there are restaurants where you can have your lunch and enjoy different food varieties. Apart from visiting the zoo there are perfect accommodation facilities that are budgeted and also reasonable in price. You don’t have to go anywhere but they are located just outside the Aalborg Zoo.

So if you are still thinking about making your holidays a fantastic experience then you will have to visit this zoo at least once. It is altogether a fun filled attraction which has so must enrolled for its visitors. Thus have a lifetime experience and enjoy your journey.

Bon-Bon Land – A Theme Park That Would Mesmerize Your Senses

During holidays, children usually want to visit a place that can provide them unlimited fun and adventure. Bon-Bon land is located in Denmark and it provides various activities

Bon-Bon Land

and fun filled facilities which children can enjoy with their family. This theme park is a family adventure land that has something for everyone. I am sure your children will just fall in love with this place.

Here you can find more than sixty exciting and thrilling swings which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The park is divided into several areas which have their own special activities. Some great attrctions of this theme park includes gull-pat bicycles, the cowboy town, beaver rafting, the pirate path and the dog fart switchback.

Special events and entertainment activities

This is an extremely huge park which organizes different entertainment activities and adventurous events every month. People who come here can take part in all these events together with their family and friends. Some of the special event organized here are:

1. The Bon-Bon Circus
Children just love this circus because it contains all the features that can truly mesmerize them. The circus contains various animals and unusual creatures that would surely make

Bonbon Circus

you laugh. Sometimes the staff of the park organizes a special variety show for the children.

2. The indoor sea lion show
The indoor sea lion show is organized everyday and various people come to see it in order to experience the wonderful and amazing activities of the sea lion.

The park does not charge extra fess for any of the events, entertainments shows and activities that are organized here. You just have to pay the entrance fee and you can enjoy yourself to the fullest with different activities and games.

Eating facilities
This park has all the facilities that would make your day a memorable experience. Here you will find various restaurants where you can enjoy mouth watering delicacies. Co-Baren is the perfect place where you can have the grill buffet and your children can enjoy the tasty pizza and other treats.

Recreational areas
Various people also organize picnics in the park area. If you also want to spend some time alone with your family then you can bring your own food and can enjoy yourself in the peaceful recreational area.

This marvelous place is just perfect for your whole family. So, what are you waiting for, just pack your bags and organize a trip to the Bon-Bon Land in Denmark.

Rosenborg Castle – The Pride Of Denmark

Rosenborg Castle is the highly renowned castle in the Denmark. The Castles is highly visited place and is one of the top tourist attractions in Copenhagen. Rosenborg Castle is bounded by the growing pink forest that has developed across the streets of this region. The metaphorical ballrooms and the luxurious halls that were constructed in the year 1606

Rosenborg Castle Denmark

and served as the summer home of the Danish King Christian IV are now transformed into the museum. This museum is a domicile to different cultural treasures. The regal things like the royal jewels, the bear glasses and even the baby shoes are perfectly conserved in this fortress even today. Each belonging of the regal families are circumspectly looked after in this castle.

The castle strikes a startling blend of the lavishness and the hominess. It is crammed with the relics, yet the interior part of the castle seems to be knocked out. It seems as if the place was humiliated by all the richness it contained. The red – brick exterior of the palace suggests a peculiarity that is deficient from almost all European castles. The castle is not the largest castle of the nation but still it is the busiest fortress in entire Denmark. It is the place in Denmark that serves as the mirror to the history of Denmark. This is a unique fortress and millions of tourist come and stop at this place to view the Danish Monarchy.

The opening places of the interest that attract the tourist include the crown jewels, the Danish Crown insignia, complicated coronation chairs, sweeping family portraits, and the pearl studded coronation lumber. The three silver lions guard the vast noble wealth in the Knight’s Hall. The Knight’s Hall is the loveliest fragment of the entire Rosenborg Castle. The peripheral art pieces present in this section of the castle take account of the ancient beer glasses. These artifacts add a beauty to the Rosenborg Castle.

There are innumerable castles that are present in Denmark but the Rosenborg Castle is the perfectly situated in the centre of Copenhagen. Since the capital of Denmark is fit for a journey on foot the Rosenborg castle is a perfect place that can be explored when you make a visit to this city. It is situated close to the popular tourist attractions like Amalienhaven and the Kastellet. The King’s Garden that bounds the fortress is the oldest regal garden in Denmark. This is also an admired meeting place for both tourists and local residents which is quite warm in the months of summer.

The place is a complete tourist spot and you will definitely enjoy your trip to this place.

The Little Mermaid Statue – An Excellent Piece of Sculpture

If you are a true lover of exotic monuments and you simply love to spend your most of the time in the lapse of nature, then you must read this article. Vacations are approaching

The Little Mermaid Statue

nearer and every one is searching for a perfect holiday destination where they can spend some memorable time with their family members and relatives. This article is based on the perfect vacation spot for you. It contains some necessary information about the famous Little Mermaid Statue.

The Little Mermaid Statue is located in the grand Copenhagen City of Denmark. The Little Mermaid Statue is a gift by the little sculptor Edward Erichsen. You all must have seen the famous Little Mermaid Cartoon. The Statue is a complete replica of the Mermaid. Today this Little Mermaid Statue is really one of the most beautiful and stunning statues of the world. It is very much famous among the tourists for it’s out of the ordinary sculpture and unique design.

This statue has been declared as the most well preserved statues of the grand Copenhagen city. More than 3 million tourists from all across the world visit this exotic city in order to view this marvelous and spectacular piece of sculpture.

The Little Mermaid Statue highlights the young Mermaid Princess who lived in the under water and fell in love with the Prince. In this statue, the mermaid princess sits on the rock piece and pretends that she is unmarried at the very present moment and she is waiting for the prince to return back.

In the earlier times, after the construction of this statue, it was used as an attracting material in the amusement parks of Denmark. Later on, this statue was placed on a rock piece on 14th September, 1912 and from that time; it has been the most exotic monument of Denmark. You can enjoy the grand view of the wide river which is just behind the statue.

The best time for you to visit this statue is the spring as well as the summer season. The days are always mild and long enough for you to enjoy the exotic and mesmerizing beauty and splendor. The sculptor has taken the poetic license while creating this statue. The lower part of the Little Mermaid Statue contains partial legs and partial fish tail. The lower part of the statue will help you to figure it out who is she if you don’t know anything in advance about her.

These are some of the best features about the Little Mermaid Statue. You can visit Denmark during your vacations and have a lot of fun.

Bakken Theme Park – Make Your Vacations Memorable Throughout Your Life

We all love to enjoy a pleasant ride on the inverted roller coaster, water rides and other thrilling rides. Most of the people from all across the world visit the amusement parks in order to have some fun in the midst of adventure. So, if you are also planning to spend

Bakken Theme Park

some grand moments with your family members in one of the best theme parks of the world, then you must carefully read this article before taking your final decision. This article of mine contains some essential information about the famous Bakken amusement park of Denmark.

The Bakken amusement park is one of the most visited and one of the oldest parks of the grand Copenhagen City of Denmark. Last year, I visited this theme park with my family members during my vacations. I really enjoyed a lot in this park. The park is full of adventurous and thrilling rides.

The famous Bakken is one of the oldest operating amusement parks of the world. The park is located in the Northern hemisphere of the Copenhagen City. It is the second most visited tourist attractions of the world after the famous Tivoli Gardens. More than 2 million tourists from different parts of the world visit this exotic amusement park. The park is full of various adventurous and enthralling rides which is the major attraction for most of the tourists.

Some of the major roller coasters and thrilling rides of this park are listed below.

1. Mine Train Ulven
This is one of the most entertaining roller coasters of this park and it is also one of the major attractions for the tourists as well as the local residents. It is completely based on the mine train style. This roller coaster is meant for the people of all ages.

2. Racing Roller Coaster
This is also one of the major roller coasters of this park which is completely based on the wild mouse style. This roller coaster was built up in the year 1971 and this enthralling ride is meant for the people of all ages.

3. Rutschebanen
This roller coaster is one of the most entertaining and the most challenging roller coaster of this theme park. People simply love to enjoy the ride on this thrilling roller coaster. It is based on the wooden base friction style. This roller coaster is meant for the people of all ages.

These are some of the best features of this famous amusement park of Denmark. Make sure that you do not miss this attraction on your next vacations.