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Atomium – An Architecture Reflecting Chemistry

Most of the people love to spend some grand moments with their family members during their vacations. There are many famous and exotic landmarks which are located in different parts of the world. You can easily make your vacations memorable through out your life. Every attraction of this world is entailed with some or the other outstanding


features and this makes it quite difficult for the people to select a best suited vacation spot for themselves. If you are also searching for a perfect holiday  destination, then you must read this article once. It will really prove out to be a great help to you.

The grand Atomium is one of the major attractions for the tourists of Brussels. This grand monument was constructed in the year 1958 during the world fair which was held in Brussels. This spectacular monument was designed by the famous designer Andre Waterkeyn. This monument was only constructed for a time span of six months but slowly and steadily, this grand structure became the well recognized emblem of Brussels.

The Atomium is about 102 meters high and it is comprised with nine steel spheres. These steel spheres are connected in such a way that they form a structure of a unit cell or a web shaped network. The large tubes which are used to connect the steel spheres through the 12 edges enclose escalators within themselves. These tubes also contain halls and various public spaces within them.

The diameter of these steel spheres is about 18 meter which makes them quite gigantic in dimensions. The vertical vertex of this structure contains one of the fastest lifts which run at a speed of 5 meter per second.

The reconstruction of this grand monument began in the year 2004 and this monument was closed for the tourists as well as the local residents. The monument remained closed for the tourists till 18th February, 2006. During the renovation period of this monument, the faded aluminum sheets of the spheres were replaced with the sheets made of stainless steel. The replaced aluminum sheets of this monument were sold to the local residents as an emblem of this monument.

The renovation process of this monument includes the enhancement of exhibition halls, a restaurant and a kid’s sphere hotel in this monument. The four uppermost spheres do not include any kind of support and hence they are not opened for the visitors. In the year 2008, the Atomium celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The grand Atomium is really very famous for its spectacular views and stunning structure. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun here.