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Colosseum in Rome – A Bravura Stadium of the World

Rome is popular all across the world for its ancient monuments and historic iconic landmarks. Tourists from all across the world visit the exotic and historic monuments

Rome Colosseum

which are sited in Rome with many unrevealed facts still engraved in their walls. So if you are looking out for some ancient palaces and monuments in order to improve your history and gain knowledge about the unrevealed facts of the celebrated crimson empire, then Rome would unquestionably be a better preference for you.

The Colosseum which is sited in Rome is one of the major representative landmarks of this Vatican City. This outsized oval stadium is one of the most visited holiday attractions for the tourist from all across the world. The historians believe that it is one of the prevalent structures ever built for the period of the Roman Empire. The Colosseum of Rome is considered to be one of the major accomplishments of the Roman frame work and architecture.

The construction of this huge stadium was started in 75 AD during the reign of the Roman emperor Vespasian. It took around 30 years for its completion and the construction was finished during the reign of the Roman emperor Titus. The Roman Colosseum was by and large used for the municipal proceedings and dealings like gladiator matches. These gladiator matches integrated the Roman gladiators who generally fought against the gladiators or the criminals or wild animals. Animal hunts, executions of criminals and mock sea battles were also some of the popular events which took place in this stadium during the Roman Empire.

During the Medieval Era, the condition of this Roman Colosseum has worsened due to natural disasters like earthquake. Stone robbers from Rome and other Vatican Cities also played an important role in the declination of this out sized stadium. They robbed away the precious Swedish stone which was included in the construction of this colosseum.

In spite of the severe circumstances that resulted in its declination, the Roman Colosseum is still one of the major attractions for the tourists from all across the world. Some of the major attractions in this colosseum are the Amphitheatre, the Gladiators Training School, the Armamentarium, the Summun Choragium, the Sanitarium and the Spolarium.

Today, the Roman Colosseum is used for religious purposes. Several religious ceremonies accompanied with the Roman Catholic meetings are organized in this bulky arena. The Roman Colosseum is the highly visible structures of Rome where most of the tourists from all over the world visit every year.