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Alhambra Castle – An Emblem of Islamic Architecture

If you are looking out for a perfect vacations spot where you can easily gain some knowledge about the ancient history of Europe, then Spain would be surely the best suited

Alhambra Castle

option for you. Spain which is very famous for the ancient castles and monuments is the second most visited countries of the world.

The historic palaces and castles which are sited in Spain are comprised up with several unrevealed facts behind the walls. Further in this article, we are going to discuss about the famous Alhambra Castle of Spain which is one of the ancient monuments and a perfect tourist attractions of Spain.

Alhambra Castle was constructed in 711 AD. This ancient castle clearly highlights the Moorish architecture and the ancient culture of Spain. The Famous Alhambra Castle of Spain is sited on the hills of Sabika and it provides a very clear view of the grand city of Granada. UNESCO has also recognized the ancient Alhambra Castle as the world heritage site. This ancient castle which is completely enhanced up with the primeval culture of the earlier times is one of the major attractions for the tourists of Spain. This prehistoric castle is one of the most well preserved heritages of Spain.

The Alhambra Castle of Spain occupies a hilly terrace on the hills of Sabika. The superseding and paramount tickle of water drops is the first impression of the Alhambra Castle on the minds of its visitors. This ancient castle is build up in the very arid spot and it is no more than an authentic park of water features. This antique and primordial castle of Spain used to be the residence of the Muslim rulers of Granada in the earlier times.

The ancient and magnificent walls of the Alhambra Castle are engraved with the historic tales of the earlier Granada. The whole castle is comprised up with the antique and bravura architectural skills of the earlier period. The exotic Alhambra Castle of Spain constitutes of three parts: the lion court, the Serello and the Harem. This castle has also been the witness for the execution of many of the Muslim rulers of the renaissance era. The lion court which is sited at the centre of the castle is one of the most visited and photographed site of this castle for the visitors. It is one of the greatest examples of the Muslim architecture.

This castle is really a mesmerizing place to be visited in Spain. Make sure that you make your vacations memorable and have fun at this gripping holiday attraction.