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Palermo Catacombs – The Bloodcurdling Consign of Horror

We all love to enjoy our holidays with our family members in order to have some fun, excitement and mental relaxation. There are some people who just love to explore some

Palermo Catacombs

thrilling and humorous spots. If you are planning out your next vacations in the lapse and midst of horror and thrill, then this article will surely help you out to select a perfect vacation spot for you. There are a very few destinations which are totally comprised up of horror and terror. These places can really provide a stimulating and terrifying experience to you. Here, in this article, we will discuss about one such place which is full of revulsion, dreadfulness and ghastliness.

We all know that Italy is very much famous for it’s out of the ordinary landmarks and ancient monuments. Italy is the second most visited places of the world today. It is comprised and completely enhanced with ancient and primordial monuments which carry a large number of unrevealed facts behind their walls. Palermo Catacombs is also one of the most visited terrifying vacation spot of Italy. They are categorized under the ghostly and haunted holiday destinations of the world. Palermo Catacombs are very much famous among the visitors from all across the world for its vast collection of dead bodies.
Palermo Catacombs provide an extra ordinary and unexpected historic record to the tourists.

The terrifying Palermo Catacombs came into existence during the 16th century when the Buddhist monks used to survive and subsist in Italy. The Buddhist monks began to bury the dead bodies of their colleagues below the catacombs. Later on, they began to mummify the dead bodies of their colleagues and place them on the catacombs. They washed the preserved mummies of their colleagues with the help of vinegar and other preserving chemicals.

The huge hall of Palermo Catacombs is divided into various categories like men, women, children, priests, monks, virgins and professors. The Palermo Catacomb also contains the well preserved mummy of the famous Italian painter Valesquez. The Palermo Catacomb contains the corpses of some of the very famous personalities of the ancient times as well as of the present times. The catacomb contains about thousands of well preserved mummies and corpses of which some are not in the good shape with creepy faces and missing parts like jaws and teeth’s.

Palermo Catacombs will surely provide a petrifying and terrorizing experience to you during your vacations. Make sure that you do not miss a horrifying visit to these catacombs in Italy.