Biskupin, Poland – A Visit In To The Timeless Beauty

Biskupin, Poland – A Visit In To The Timeless Beauty

If you have a rich historical taste and you feel great to see the preserved archeological monuments, Biskupin, Poland is the perfect choice for you to be in.  You may not be aware


of this stunning tourist attraction but we are here to take you along. Come with us to visit this enchanting tourist destination. So let us start with the introduction of this wonderful sight first.

Biskupin was actually a well prepared arrangement through which the inhabitants had planned to safeguard theirselves against the foreign tribes. This was precisely constructed under the late Bronze Age that was prolonged approximately from 750 – 600 BC. In early 1933 some wooden construction fragments were discovered and consequently the archaeological research took place. The structure of this site was laid out to be an eleven streets rectangular grid.

This incredible site gained immense popularity at the time of war because it was only 70km away from the belligerent German neighboring tribe. This Polish site was regarded to be of international acclamation which demonstrates that the Polish people are competent enough to watch against the foreign invaders. It is now an archaeological reserve site that engrosses 53 acres of area. It integrates a life- size model referring Iron Age settlements.

Life- size model of Biskupin comprises of a timber castle, the fortifications along with a broad way consisting of timer made houses. It is also regarded as the Polish Pompeii and stands out as one of the most dynamic archaeological site in Europe currently. You can simply call it a breath- taking village offering you the spectacular views and amazing scenic backdrops. I am quite sure that this magnificent site will give you more pleasure than you can experience after visiting a Greek or Roman excavation situate.

You can roam around the ancient streets and can witness the local village flavor while strolling through the local streets of Biskupin. In order to double up your joy you can enter in to the traditional houses that lure you and can touch all the objects placed inside. For the fun lovers there is an archaeological fest organized every year in which you can watch the live performances depicting about the glorious past of the Biskupins.

Some of you must be really curious about the life style of the Biskupins, so for them the shows has a lot more to offer. You can learn the cooking, hunting and sewing techniques of Biskupins. In a nutshell it is a short and easy trip to travel back in the glorious past.

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