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Victoria Falls – Witness the Matchless Aquatic Beauty

In the world of great waterfalls the grand Victoria Falls of South Africa has truly stolen away the lime light from the last many years. It has been one of the major tourist

Victoria Falls

attractions of South Africa. People just love to view the exotic and spectacular natural beauty of these great falls. Most of the tourists from all across the world enjoy their vacations with their family members in the lapse of these huge water curtains. The great Victoria Falls of South Africa are one of the Seven Wonders of the World today.

These great waterfalls are located on the Zambezi River which lies in the Southern Africa. The grand Zambezi River lies between the two countries of South Africa and they are Zambia and Zimbabwe. These great waterfalls are also known as “Mosi-Oa-Tunya” by the local residents of South Africa which literally means the Smoke of the Thunders. The chilled water of the great Victoria Falls from a height of 1200 meters which make this water fall one of the highest waterfalls of the world. The water dances like a Ballet Dancer and falls from the top with a pretty good speed.

The water falls also includes the weathered rock pieces which crumble down into the Zambezi Gorge below. The falling water of these extremely gigantic curtains creates a cloudy atmosphere and a foggy appearance at a height of 450 meters above the sea level. This foggy view can be clearly observed by the tourists at a distance of 40 kms away from these falls and it mainly attracts the tourists towards itself.

The tourists can enjoy the mesmerizing splendor and beauty of these falls throughout the year. The temperature is mostly humid and moderate which is best suited to attract a large no of tourists towards its attractiveness. The cascading chilled water of these waterfalls depends on the amount of rain fall which took place throughout the year and it also depends on the catchment area of the River Zambezi. As the catchment area of Zambezi River expands, the amount of water in the river also increases.

These exotic waterfalls offer many attractions to the tourists like water surfing, river rafting and river boarding. The Victoria Falls along with the nearby landscapes have been declared as the world heritage site. It is really a captivating destination where you can seriously enjoy a couple of days and make your vacations memorable.