Coffs Harbour – A Home For Rare Natural Beauty

Coffs Harbour – A Home For Rare Natural Beauty

For the natural beauty lovers and for those who want to spend some leisurely moments in the lap of nature, Coffs Harbour is the perfect holiday destination. The tranquil splendor of turquoise azure water making a perfect combination with lush green backdrops and

Coffs Harbour

pearly white sandy beaches can easily blow any mind away. The innate spectacles of this amazing place make it stand ahead from the other sunny sandy beaches. Believe me, this place is a real heaven on earth for the true natural lovers.

Coffs Harbour is really an enchanting coastal city positioned on the northern coast of New South Wales and it is located around 540 km away from the north part of Sydney. This place is nearby Newcastle at north and Brisbane at south. Thousands of people come to visit this astonishing and visually striking holiday spot across the world. The vacation season allows tourists coming from the distant corners of the world to escape from their busy lives and enjoy a peaceful break in this heavenly costal area.

It is an innate rural area with abundance of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The city holds the merit of offering the most livable climate with scenic landscapes and mountain backdrops. The place comprises of numerous unspoiled sandy beaches with striking sceneries. The place is regarded for incredible tourist attractions and great hospitality. This is also known as the banana land because of the massive banana farming.

The wide array of holiday enchantments encompasses various national parks such as Marine National Park, some vibrant shopping malls apart from the natural attractions. This place is primarily known for the flourishing banana industry and the most popular magnetism of the place is the Big Banana. It is the World’s Largest Banana and the most popular export from this superb region. You can feel the aquatic beauty with the underwater diving spot located on a small yet natural reef. The Coffs Harbour Jetty, timber wharf is historically eminent attraction.

You can easily get in to this tremendous city by taking any of the flights by Virgin Blue, QantasLink and Brindabella Airlines departing from Coffs Harbour to Brisbane, Newcastle and Sydney. You can get in to the city buy roadways and trains. However the people of this place are all set to welcome you with their open arms and cordial hearths.

Well, going to this place will be a priceless as well as timeless experience for you. So come here and have a gala time!

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