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World’s First Underwater Museum Awe-Inspiring Experience

Water and that too in abundance can enthrall you or quite often strike terror in your heart. The awe- inspiring beauty of underwater things, sports makes some of us really

Underwater Museum Egypt

restless. But have you ever thought that the aquatic beauty when mixed with historical extinct in an adventures manner can leave you speechless. Off course, it is. If you do not believe my words then just go and pay a visit to the World’s First Underwater Museum in Alexandria, Egypt.

Normally people fear from the unlimited source of water and do not dare to enter in to but for the adventure freaks and the fun lovers; this is the most happening experience. However you need not to loose your heart because in this one of a kind museum you can also dip to see the amazing snippets that will take you along to a mystifying land of history. Almost all want to capture the mesmerizing memories of the Cleopatra’s palace which sank into the Mediterranean Sea. But the visitors to this matchless museum can cherish the remnants of it.

Some of the veterans believe that this museum will gravely affect the submerged artifacts and thus these people are opposing it in anyway. However the museum, if established, will showcase some of the spectacular monuments of Queen’s palace and the treasures which were cherished by the people of that era. This museum is an attribute to that era and is an attempt to make all the things alive which were submerged due to a dreadful earthquake.

During the 1990s a group of skilled archaeologist-divers have explored numerous objects which are now a part of this amusing place. The fiberglass tunnels are especially made to link the aboveground galleries nearby the New Library of Alexandria with the underwater facility. These man made haven boasts of antiquities that are really a treat for your eyes which have a quest for witnessing timeless beauty.

Cleopatra’s sunken palace with it’s snippets will remind every visitor about their fascinating yet glorious past and you will simply love to be a part of this sight. The sails will simply evoke you to come any join the turquoise beauty and the sailing experience will lure you to feel the water and water everywhere. This astounding sight will fill your heart with excitement and a never expected thrill.

So come and take a pleasing walk in the tunnel and be the one inside this one of a kind, unique museum.