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Parc Guell – A Perfect Collaboration of Natural and Man Made Beauty

Holidays are approaching nearer and everyone is searching for a perfect holiday destination where they can spend some great time with their family members. So if you


are also wishing to have a great time in the lap of a perfect and majestic natural venue, then this article will really provide a great help to you. This article contains some of the tranquil and exotic features of the famous Parc Guell of Spain. This famous landmark is one of the best tourist destinations of Spain.

We can say the most visited tourist spot of Spain Parc Guell is an exact replica of the garden complex. It is comprised up with a series of architectural elements and ornamentally designed rudiments. It is located in the Gracia district of the grand Barcelona city of Spain. It is sited on the top most part of the El Carmel hill of Barcelona city. The foundation for this garden complex was laid in the 20th century and it took about 14 years for the completion of this landmark. The construction of this Spanish landmark was started in 1900 and it was opened for the common public as well as the tourists on 1914. The exotic design of this monument was proposed by the famous Catalian architect Antony Gaudi who has designed more than 50 landmarks which are located in different parts of the world today.

In the earlier times, this park was a part of the commercial housing site. The architectural design of this park is inspired by the famous English garden City Movement which is one of the major attractions of England. This park was recognized as the natural heritage site of the world by UNESCO. Today this park is one of the most well preserved monuments of Spain.

The catchment area of this park is entailed with out of the ordinary craftsmanship and excellent architecture. The usage of unusual materials and designs is really very impressive. Now this park is being converted into a municipal garden. You can easily reach this garden with the help of underground railways, trams and city buses.  The best time to visit this park is the autumn season when the temperature is quite moderate and the days are mild and long. The atmosphere is really very humid in the winters and the days are covered with fog and mist. The park is open for its visitors throughout the year.

So, this was all about the Parc Guell of Barcelona which is very famous all around the world for its architecture. I am sure that you can make your vacations memorable by visiting this exotic landmark.