The Little Mermaid Statue – An Excellent Piece of Sculpture

The Little Mermaid Statue – An Excellent Piece of Sculpture

If you are a true lover of exotic monuments and you simply love to spend your most of the time in the lapse of nature, then you must read this article. Vacations are approaching

The Little Mermaid Statue

nearer and every one is searching for a perfect holiday destination where they can spend some memorable time with their family members and relatives. This article is based on the perfect vacation spot for you. It contains some necessary information about the famous Little Mermaid Statue.

The Little Mermaid Statue is located in the grand Copenhagen City of Denmark. The Little Mermaid Statue is a gift by the little sculptor Edward Erichsen. You all must have seen the famous Little Mermaid Cartoon. The Statue is a complete replica of the Mermaid. Today this Little Mermaid Statue is really one of the most beautiful and stunning statues of the world. It is very much famous among the tourists for it’s out of the ordinary sculpture and unique design.

This statue has been declared as the most well preserved statues of the grand Copenhagen city. More than 3 million tourists from all across the world visit this exotic city in order to view this marvelous and spectacular piece of sculpture.

The Little Mermaid Statue highlights the young Mermaid Princess who lived in the under water and fell in love with the Prince. In this statue, the mermaid princess sits on the rock piece and pretends that she is unmarried at the very present moment and she is waiting for the prince to return back.

In the earlier times, after the construction of this statue, it was used as an attracting material in the amusement parks of Denmark. Later on, this statue was placed on a rock piece on 14th September, 1912 and from that time; it has been the most exotic monument of Denmark. You can enjoy the grand view of the wide river which is just behind the statue.

The best time for you to visit this statue is the spring as well as the summer season. The days are always mild and long enough for you to enjoy the exotic and mesmerizing beauty and splendor. The sculptor has taken the poetic license while creating this statue. The lower part of the Little Mermaid Statue contains partial legs and partial fish tail. The lower part of the statue will help you to figure it out who is she if you don’t know anything in advance about her.

These are some of the best features about the Little Mermaid Statue. You can visit Denmark during your vacations and have a lot of fun.

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