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Fort Jesus – A Portuguese Fortress On Kenya

Fort Jesus is the most popular tourist attractions in Mombasa, Kenya. The fortification, located along the shoreline close to the Old Town, is a colossal piece of the construction that was fabricated in the 16th century by the Portuguese. The fort has a museum that

Fort Jesus, Kenya

symbolizes different artifacts from the era that doled out as the transit point for the slave trade as well as the possessions. They were enjoyed as the place for regular visits by the seafarers. The fort opens its gate for viewing in the crack of dawn and closes them at early evening.


The core of the fort includes the Torture rooms and the prison cells where the slaves were kept in the incarceration before they are taken for the trading purpose. In spite of the verity that the garrison is to some extent ruined this includes a vast collection of the ceramics and terracotta that replicates the various cultures that traded along the coast. Other segments of the fortress display the Portuguese Frigate, Santo Antonio de Tanna which escaped away during a blockade in 1698 and some authentication linked to the coastal tribes. The compound of the fortress includes the number of ramparts as well as the bankrupt structures.

Shows At The Fortress
The fort serves as the spot of recreation for those visitors who want to seek more about this fort. The Fort hosts to a marvelous show of both light as well as sounds for three nights in a week. Guests are greeted into the fort by the sentinels in the elegant robes and burning flamed torches. They are led to the specifically planned as well as choreographed show of the lights, which also uses sound effects along with the costumed actors which act down the history of the fort and bring down the life of the past days. At the closing stages of the show there is a candlelit banquet in the fort. This is highly atmospheric moment and also the perfect way you can end your day.

Today this grandiose monument located in Mombasa is the national monument of Kenya. This monument stands elevated over the Mombasa Harbor in pride. The Fort Jesus is an interesting place where you can fritter your day and discover the gun turret, domicile and the parapet within the fence of the fort. The presence of the trained guides makes this place much interesting and helps you in exploring the facts related to the fortress. This place serves as an excellent museum in Kenya.

This is a magical place where each historian dreams of a visit. So make sure that you do not miss the place when you go for a Kenya safari.