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Great Seto Bridge – A Spectacular Gift of Engineering

Generally, most of the people love to explore something new and out of the ordinary. We all love to gain some knowledge about something unique and exceptional. The best for

Great Seto Bridge

exploration are the seasonal vacations when we have plenty of leisure time. If you are also wishing to discover some exceptional possessions during your holidays, then you must read this article once. This article contains some essential facts related to the famous Great Seto Bridge of Japan.

The Great Seto Bridge is located in the grand Tsuyama City of Japan. The Great Seto Bridge is also known as the Seto Ohashi Bridge. The Great Seto Bridge is one of the major tourist attractions of Japan. People from all across the world visit every year to view this marvelous and awe inspiring structure. The Great Seto Bridge is really a spectacular and impressive piece of engineering. If you want to experience the real beauty of this man made infrastructure, then you must take a distant look.

The Great Seto Bridge or the great Seto Ohashi Bridge connects Okayama and Kagawa of Japan. This grand bridge is located across a progression of five small islands which are sited in the Seto Island Sea.  The Great Seto Bridge is the double deck bridge which is sited above the Seto Island Sea. It took about 10 years for the construction of this bridge. This grand bridge was constructed in the 20th century between 1978 and 1988. This grand bridge is one of the major routes between Honshu and Shikoku Islands of Japan.

The Great Seko Bridge is one of the longest two tiered bridges of the world. The bridge is 13.1 km long and it is one of the main ways of the Honshu Shikoku world project. It takes about 20 minutes to cross this grand bridge through the car or train. The bridge is comprised with two lanes on the either side of the bridge. These lanes are meant for the highway traffic on the upper deck of the bridge and the railway tracks on the lower deck of the bridge. The lower deck was so constructed such that the Shinkansen rail tracks could be comprised up in each direction of the bridge.

About 7 billion US dollars were invested in the construction of this bridge. The bridge was built with the help of about 705000 tones of steel and about 3646000 cubic meters of concrete.

This grand bridge is opened for its visitors throughout the year. Make sure that you explore this spectacular piece of engineering during you next vacations.