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Hell’s Gate National Park – Owner Of Fulfilled Landscape

Hell’s gate National Park is a small recreational area positioned between Naivasha Lake, Longonot and Suswa volcanoes. This is an ideal venue for recreation at weekends along

Hells Gate National PArk

with your family. The park endows you with a great diversity of flora and fauna, as well as many species of birds. It is one of the only park in Kenya where climbing and walking is allowed.

Hell’s gate is an ideal gateway place enrooted to Lake Nakuru or the Masai Mara. Guests have an option of driving while they are looking at the games, camping, mountaineering or cycling. The rising stream in the various parts of the Hell’s Gate National Park is a Clear indication of the geothermal power.

There is a great diversity of the wildlife in this national park. The wildlife of this park includes the animals like leopards, lions, cheetahs. Nonetheless the park has been a historic home for the rare specie like Lammergeyer eagles. There is a presence of nearly 103 classes of birds in the park. These include birds like vultures, Verreauxes’ Eagles, Augur Buzzard and swifts. Hyraxes, African Buffalo, zebra, eland, hartebeest, Thomson’s gazelle and baboons are commonly viewed at the place. The park serves a home to the Klipspringer antelope and Chanler’s mountain reedbuck that is present at the spot in a small number. This is surely a perfect place for the bird lovers.

Tourist Spots In Hell’s Gate National Park
Popular tourist spot in the Hell’s Gate national Park includes Fisher’s Tower and Njorowa Gorges. The presence of the extinct volcanoes such as Olkaria and Hobley’s also make the place worth viewing. The Black glassy rock called Obsidian takes it’s origin from the cool thawed lava. There is also a centre for Masai Culture which educates the visitors about the traditions and the culture followed by the Masai Tribe. This Park allows it’s visitors to photograph the raptors, which are preyed by the birds from a very close range.

Camping Sites At The Park

The park is accompanied with a huge number of camping sites which are excellent for the fun loving visitors who plan to stay for more than one day. These camping sites are present near OI Dubai Naiburta, Endachata and OI Karia. These campsites include picnic benches, sheltered picnic areas, shower blocks, water laps. The number of local visitors and campers in the park exceeds the number of foreign visitors.

So when you plan out for your next Kenya safari make sure that you are including the Hell’s Gate National Park in your Trip. Discover this wonderful place of Kenya.