The Pinnacles – Witness the Rare Natural Creativity

The Pinnacles – Witness the Rare Natural Creativity

Everyone loves to enjoy their holidays in the lap of natural beauty and entertainment. Most of the people love to spend their vacations on some adventurous places where they


can explore something new and natural. So if you are also searching out for such a perfect vacation spot where you can gain some knowledge about the unrevealed facts of nature, then you must read this article once. This article contains some essential facts related to the Pinnacles of Western Australia.

The Pinnacles are cited in the Nambung National Park which is located near the town of Cervantes of the Western Australia. The Pinnacles are the beautifully shaped limestone formations which are contained in this park. It is believed that these limestone structures were not known to the people till the early 1960’s. Later on when these structures were added to the Nambung National Park, these formations became one of the famous attractions for the tourists from all across the world as well as the local residents.

This area receives about 250000 tourists from different regions of the world every year. Today, these limestone formations are one of the major tourist attractions of the world. The Pinnacles has become one of the most photographed landmarks of the Nambung National Park. These exotic and spectacular limestone formations have been featured in many Hollywood Movies and music numbers.

It is believed that the raw material for these limestone formations aroused from the sea shells of the rich marine life. These sea shells broke away into lime rich sand which later blew away and formed the high mobile structures. These high and crispy structures were later known as the Pinnacles.

Most of the cerographists believe that these limestone structures were formed due to lime leaching of the Aeolian sand and by the cementing of the lower levels of the lime sand through rain. Many mechanisms related to the formation of the Pinnacles were put forward by many renowned cerographists.

The best season for the tourists to visit the Pinnacles is the spring season from August to October. During this season, the days are long and mild enough which is best suited for most of the visitors. The best suited time to gaze these structures is the early morning or the evening time because the play light reflects the true colors of these formations. The casted shadow of the Pinnacles delivers a spectacular contrast that clearly highlights its features.

Above mentioned are some of the best related facts of the Pinnacles. I am sure that these limestone structures will provoke you to visit here again and again.

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