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Aurgam Bay – A Surfing Spot Like None Other

Aurgam bay is situated on the “End Point” of the Eastern Road of the East Coast Of Sri Lanka. If you are on the hunt of an isolated rural life that has the atmosphere of the forest and is a perfect adventurous place then the Aurgam Bay is all yours! The Aurgam Bay is a real spot for the surfers, wildlife devotees and the water spot freaks. The place has

Aurgam Bay

reasonable and some cheap hotels and the guesthouse. But apart from all these factors the Aurgam Bay has not yet completed its journey to become the chief tourist spots of the nation.

Aurgam Bay is one of the Top ten surf spots that hold their existence on this planet. The Aurgam Bay receives the same Arctic Winter Swell that is experienced by Indonesia in the mid part of the year. The most suited time of that year to surf on this Bay is the period between May and November. At this part of the year the leading winds is offshore for almost first half of the day.

Surfing Spots On The Aurgam Bay:

1. Aurgam Point
Due to the position of this surfing point it magnetizes many tourists towards it. If you are lucky enough to get at this point on the day when the weather us fine then the point will provide you a clean wall in the barrel of the sections and will offer you a ride of four hundred meters. Some of the local people that dwell near the area have opened few cafes that provide the visitors of the Aurgam Bay with a great vantage.

2. Potuvill Point
If the conditions are right then you can enjoy your surfing through this section of the Bay. Although this section of the Aurgam Bay is less crowded as compared to the Aurgam Point because of the half hr ride from the original point of the Bay yet it facilitates you with a memorable experience of 800 meter surfing right inside the Bay.

3. Crocodile Rock
A half hour tuk – tuk ride to the south of the Bay will leave you with a twenty minutes walk on foots. Now after this journey you will land on the Crocodile Rock Beach. This is the smallest surfing point on the Aurgam Bay. However surfing on this point of the beach will leave you with a tremendous experience which you will remember through out your life.

This beach is going to serve your purpose of surfing. The place is wonderful and a peaceful spot in Sri Lanka. So make sure that once in a life you are going to explore this spot.