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Bopath Falls – Complete Paradise For Its Tourists

The Bopath Falls derive its name from its shape. It is in the shape of a Bo – leaf. The source of this splendid Bopath Waterfall is the Kurugana River which later joins the Kurugaomaodara. As compared to other waterfalls in Sri Lanka this is widely crammed waterfall. The mean temperature of this region is 26.9 – 27.8 degree Celsius. The region where the Bopath Waterfall holds its existence receives a mean yearly rainfall of 5080 mm. The average velocity of the water flowing in this waterfall is nearly six cubic meters per second.

The topmost part of the Bopath Waterfall is comprised up of granite and botite virin. This section of the Waterfall is covered by sand. The water that falls from the waterfall is used up by the local people dwelling in the area to irrigate their land pieces and the paddy farms of the Udakada and the Kuruwita areas. The place around this waterfall is highly rich in its bio – diversity. The place is surrounde by the trees like Atticka, Dun, Para, Ginihota, Beduru, Orchids, huge variety of Meewana, and Makulu.

The faunal species found in this region are Wild Boar, Meemina deer and the reptiles. The water of the Bopath Waterfall serves as the home for the great variety of fishes like Bulathhapaya, Lallu, Maguru, Korali, Sonnu and eel. The Bopath Waterfall is sheer in its folklore. The Bopath Waterfalls are located in the Ratnapua District of at the Agalwatte Village.

To visit this waterfall of Sri Lanka you can take your way through road from Colombo to Ratnapura. Then Take a turn on your left along Deviphala Road. After you cover a journey of three kilometers on this track you will land up to the area close to the Bopath Waterfalls. If you have planned to stay on this piece of land for more than one day the Bopath Falls Rock Chalet is the luxurious lodge dwelling in this region is waiting for you!

The Bopath Falls Rock Chalet is elegantly designed resort. The cozy and the private rooms are quite away from the primary building of the resort. These rooms are outfitted with the air conditioners, televisions and many other comfort facilities. The private sit – area of this lodge has comfortable relaxing chairs and offers you a view of the well – maintained garden of this resort. The music produced by the water of this waterfall is quite fascinating and when this sound of water is accompanied with the chirpings of the birds it really adds beauty to the entire site.

If you plan out to go to a place that is beautiful as well as recreational then you must surely make a trip to this place.