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Colombo Zoo – A Meeting With Wildlife Of Sri Lanka

A visit to the Colombo Zoo will bring you in contact with the splendid wildlife of the Sri Lanka. Colombo Zoo is located in the Dehiwala, Colombo. Apart from just viewing these wild creatures you can learn a lot about them. The Zoo has a wide variety the creatures

Colombo Zoo

which are prevalent as well as unfamiliar to the nation’s wildlife. If you are lucky enough you will certainly be benefitted by the view of the sea lion show, chimpanzee and get a chance to ride an elephant. The trip of your family is surely going to be one of the most adventurous tours of their life.

This Colombian Zoo was founded in the 20th centaury and is well – known as the Dehiwala Zoo, due to its location. It is regarded as the largest and most diverse zoo in the entire continent of Asia. The Zoo occupies a volume of 24 acres and encloses flourishing vegetation and gorgeous landscapes. The Zoo serves as the hostage to a variety of birds and animals that roam freely in the entire area covered by the Zoo. Populations of over hundred mammals dwell in this Zoo.

The faunal variety of the Colombian Zoo comprises of Sri Lankan Leopard, Fishing Cats, Pygmy Hippopotamus, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Mouse Deer, Spider Monkey, Lions and the Gibbons. If you adore watching the birds, then over a hundred classes of birds can be marked soaring free in the sky over this region. Few variety of birds which can be traced in the area are the Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl, Mute Swans, Alexandrine Parakeet and a lot more.

If you are fond of the Reptilian species then you can explore over 35 different species of the reptiles. These include Albino Cobra, Green Pit Viper, Estuarine Crocodile and the Flap Shell Turtle. If you prefer to gaze at the attractive Butterflies then you can pay a look at over 20 varieties of the various species of the butterflies. The major attraction of the Colombian Zoo is the every day circus show by the Elephant. This show includes the dancing performance by the six Indian Elephant. The daily shows of Chimpanzees and the Sea Lion are preceded by the talks of the Human – Animal conflict.

The Colombian Zoo is an ideal place for the Environmentalists. So make a visit to this spot of Sri Lanka and be familiarized with the wildlife of the nation. Watch the animals, explore about them and at last enjoy the incredible time at the Zoo!