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Devon Waterfall – Pride Of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan atoll occupies the place in the great Indian Ocean. It is bounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait disserves the Sri

Devon Waterfall

Lankan Island from the Indian Subcontinent. Monsoon is the integrated part of the season in the country. Sri Lanka is the perfect land for the tourists who love to explore the natural beauty. The presence of the waterfalls adds beauty to this piece of island. The series of the waterfalls is really important for the tourism of the country. The Devon’s waterfall is the most well – known waterfall of the country.

This waterfall is situated in the province of Devon. This Sri Lankan waterfall rises to an elevation of 318 feet. It is well – known for its perplexing looks. The fall comprises of the three cascades. Devon waterfall runs swiftly down the vale beneath and is quite closely located to the St. Clair’s waterfall. The area is well – defined and clear. This factor adds a gigantic look to the waterfall. On the main track’s reverse side we can take a notice of the gorgeous tea gardens and the modern tea centre. It is an utter delight to gaze at the Devon’s waterfall.

As a matter of fact this is an immense structure which is highly graceful and lavish as well. The Devon’s waterfall gets the name from a British coffee planter whose name was Devon. The best sight of this waterfall can be viewed from 20th milepost of the Talawakele – Nawalapitya Highway. A drive from the capital; of Sri Lanka – Colombo city by the route of the Avissawella will bring you to this superb sight. A visitor can also make his way to the Devon’s waterfall via Hatton – N’Eliya road.

In the year 1998, the Sri Lankan Kumar Bundala, who is well – known as Tony, had set up the record of the fall. The deficiency of the Kotagala Plantation in the area could mean that the region that surrounded the Devon’s waterfall which was comprised of the various species that dwelled on the place was adversely affected. However the environmentalists saved the place from this adverse disaster that could have ruined the beauty of the region.

The tropical wood land of the Sri Lanka is imparted a cool touch of gentleness and smoothness by these waterfalls in this country. This place serves as the highly visited spot of the nation and is hence most important for the country’s tourist department.

Make sure that the next time when you go to explore the island then you do not miss the trip to this gorgeous place.