Port Douglas – A Luxurious Visit To The Dream Town

Port Douglas – A Luxurious Visit To The Dream Town

The Pro Douglas is a small town or most prominently a village in Australia. The entire town is surrounded by the Daintree River. It is called out by many different names which include the Island Point, Salisbury etc. It lies just in the middle of the two great areas one

Port Douglas

is the Great Barrier Reef and the other is the Daintree River. It is amongst the list of best tourist attractions in Australia.

The town of Port Douglas was founded in the year 1877. Initially there were no modes of transport to be found here but with the advent of time it has now become a fully developed township. Though it is a small town but holds great importance among the people of Port Douglas. The local residents of the town now enjoy the company of lots of visitors.

The life in this village is full of excitement as it has numerous bars and clubs. All the visitors who come here surely experience the exciting and the dazzling nightlife of the town. You can get to see some live music along with a few gambling spots also. Gambling is the most famous sorts which are preferred by most of the tourist. Apart from the amazing nightlife there are many golf courses that can be enjoyed with the family. Some of the fun activities include scuba diving, camping and snorkeling.

The Sunday markets are very popular among the people as it is opened only on Sundays and you will get everything from apparels to jewelry to ethnic items and art forms.  Though the market is a bit expensive but you will come across only quality products. You can also get famous things that the Port Douglas is known for.  So for the people who love shopping can experience the best time of their life.
You can find the finest and the best budgeted accommodation facilities in this town. The hotels and the resorts provide spacious room and cozy atmosphere. Even the dining options are immense so you can enjoy a lot of food varieties.  Many water activities are too enjoyed near the beach sides. It is really wonderful to sit by the sea side and feel the soothing environment.

The peak seasons of visiting Port Douglas is in the months of May and September. Even the winters also see lots of visitors and tourist from all over the world. Therefore if you are still waiting then just book your tickets now and make a visit to this attraction which is definitely worth seeing.

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