Aberdour Castle – A Majestic And Romantic Destination

Aberdour Castle – A Majestic And Romantic Destination

In the olden days various majestic castles were constructed by many great kings all across Europe. These castles are extremely romantic places and they tell us a lot about the living style of the kings and queens. Aberdour Castle is an extremely luxurious castle that is

Aberdour Castle

located in Scotland. The exact location of this majestic building is in the small village of Easter Aberdour, Fife, Scotland. It is one of the oldest standing castles in Scotland which is basically five hundred years old.

The building was constructed some where around the year 1200 by de Mortimer family. Some parts of this marvelous castle also collapsed during the year 1844 and 1919. The possession of this castle passed from one royal family to another through many centuries.

Features of the Aberdour Castle
It is a stone castle which has a large stone hall that was constructed in the 12th century. All the ceilings inside the castle are painted with exotic designs which were added in the 17th century. There is also a beautiful wall garden inside the castle that has been renovated recently. If you are visiting the castle then you must surely visit the astonishing Norman church which depicts the life of the royal families.

History of the Aberdour Castle
In the early 15th century the castle was owned by the Douglas family who were also known as the Earls of Morton. The family constructed the tower house and also built various new buildings all around the castle for their protection. Over the centuries various additional structures were added to the castle to increase its outer appearance. In the present day the castle is looked after by the Historic Scotland.

Beauty and of the castle
The location of the castle is extremely beautiful and you can visit it with your family and friends. You can also organize various picnics and parties here with the permission of the authorities. You will surely get a peaceful ambiance and attractive surroundings which you can enjoy to the fullest.

During the previous centuries this attractive castle has gone through various changes. In the early 1680 this castle caught fire which resulted in its demise. Restoration and renovation work is still going on in this castle to make it more impressive and elegant.

This stylish castle is visited by various tourists all around the year. You can organize a day trip to this castle with your family and friends while you are visiting Scotland.

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